10 Things All Freshers Do

1) Convince yourself you’ll be on your own the first week of class.

We’ve all been there, that dreaded first day, not knowing anyone and thinking we’ll be sat in the corner all alone. But remember, everyone is in the same boat and loads of other students don’t know anyone else either. So put on your best smile, sit next to someone who is sitting alone and offer them a mint – the best way to break the ice and make a new pal.

2) Buy tickets to ALL the freshers’ events.
While going out every night during freshers’ week is super fun, a night in with your new flatmates can be just as good and give you a chance to properly bond, without having to shout over Calvin Harris’ new tune. Don’t buy tickets to any events before you arrive at uni, you don’t know who you’ll meet during the first few days and where they will be headed at night. So, play it by ear and wait and see what your new mates fancy going to.

3) Sign up to all the societies.
When you’re so desperate to meet new people, make some friends and get completely immersed in uni life you think that signing up to all the societies, even the ones you aren’t really interested in, is a good idea. Trust me, it’s not. You’ll soon regret giving your name to the HipHop society when the emails about membership and meetings start rolling in. Only sign up to what you have a genuine interest in or else be prepared to spend a day moving all the emails into your spam box.

4) Come to class fully prepared. 
This is definitely a good thing, especially during your first week. But the chances are all those pens you bought in WHSmith and that notebook you insisted you needed will disappear after the first few weeks. Never to be seen again until the day comes when you’re packing up your things to move out of halls and home for the summer. But don’t worry, even if you lose all those important notes you made in the first week about deadlines and essay titles you’ll be able to find them online. Most universities put EVERYTHING online. They clearly know their students all too well.

5) Bring everything but the kitchen sink.
I bet you won’t use half of the stuff you thought you needed to bring with you to uni.  Yeah, packing all 20 of those novels you thought you just couldn’t live without seemed like a good idea at the time. But now, here you are standing in the middle of your tiny, box room trying to figure out where you’re going to put ALL that stuff.

6) Attaching yourself to the first person who smiles at you and then realising you have nothing in common.

We all panic and befriend the first person we meet on the first day, but if you realise later you actually have nothing in common don’t worry. It’s likely the people you spend your first week with won’t actually end up being the people you spend most of your time with the rest of the year.

7) Not appreciating the time your parents spend with you when they move you in.

It can be hard to juggle everything that’s happening. What with all the freshers’ events and nights out, it can be hard to fit time in for the family and friends who have helped you move into your halls. But, you should really make the effort to enjoy your time with them as much as you can. They’ll probably only stay for a few days before heading back home, so appreciate them being there, what they’ve done for you and all the meals out they’re treating you too!

8) Locking yourself out.

Whether you have a set of keys or a key fob, locking yourself out of the flat the first time you go to take the bins out or let someone into the building is embarrassing. Shuffling over to reception and asking them to let you in is a lesson best learnt during freshers’ week.

9) Google how to boil rice.
I wouldn’t mention this one to your parents unless you want the “why weren’t you paying attention when I taught you how to cook?” lecture…

10) Have a little cry.
If it’s your first time living away from home or you’re just feeling a little overwhelmed with your jam-packed freshers’ week schedule, you might end up having a little cry. Saying goodbye to your family and friends is hard but just remember you are in for the most exciting year of your life. So, give yourself 20 minutes to mope and then get back out there, to your already gross shared kitchen, and start making plans with your flatmates.

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