10 Travel Tips For Your Gap Year

Now that A-Level results are out, many of you will be thinking about perhaps taking gap year before you continue with your education. TruTravels is a leading travel company for students wanting to explore ad discover whilst still staying safe during their gap year. TruTravels’ Founder Mark Pope has some advice on how to stay safe whilst travelling, and stop your parents from worrying about your safety.

  • 1. Start with a tour:

    “Give your mum the reassurance that your first week travelling will be in the hands of the professionals. You can learn all the tips and tricks of how to stay safe from experienced travellers and make new friends from the outset who are in exactly the same boat as you.”

    2. Airport Pick up:

    “Not all tour operators offer an airport pick up but if you do decide on a tour, make sure you choose one with a free airport pick up. It’s a lot less hassle when you get off the plane, especially if you’re jet lagged.”

    3. Get your Mum on WhatsApp:

    “WhatsApp is the cheapest form of communication when travelling. Every time you hit a spot of Wi-Fi you can check in. If you remember to do this, you’ll stop your mum or dad bombarding you with worried texts, and keep your phone bill down in the process!”

    4. Rough travel plan:

    “Within your first week make sure to loosely plan your route, and decide which direction you want to travel in. Not only will this make you feel a bit more in control, it’ll also mean that your parents feel comfortable knowing where you will be heading.”

    5. SOS Line:

    “During your travels it is always good to know you have a security net to fall back on if you need any help or advice. At TruTravels for example, we offer all our customers an SOS service which allows them to get in touch, even after their tour when they continue their adventure as a solo traveller. People call for everything from advice on places to eat/stay to help with visas/travel insurance. We find that it’s an indispensable asset for our travellers, so try to at least find something similar when you’re away.”

    6. Pics and Posts:

    “Facebook is the perfect tool for travellers, and not just for making everyone at home jealous of your travels! Most importantly it will keep your parents up to date with your trip! Just a few pics will make them feel that they are right there with you.”

    7. Portable chargers:

    “Not for the sake of keeping in touch, but to keep your cameras charged. When travelling on buses/boats/trains etc… you will not always be able to charge your gadgets with a simple plug in the wall, so by having a charger with a battery pack, you’ll keep your camera or phone charged, and make sure to capture every Instagram worthy moment of your trip.”

    8. Travel Buddy:

    “It is always good to experience new things, but if you can do so for the first time with someone else it’s even better. If you decide to go gallivanting on your own, then try to link up with people along the way and discover the world with your new travel buddies.”

    9. Learn the language:

    “It always makes a big difference if you learn a little of the local lingo. It helps when bartering on the shopping stalls, or ordering drinks in a bar, but it also goes a long way with the locals as they can see you have gone out of your way to learn a few welcoming words.”

           10. Research Culture Customs:

“This is really important to do if you are not familiar with the country’s culture that you’re travelling to. On a TruTravels tour, travellers have a down to earth talk on day one which gives you all the do’s and don’ts, local customs, and tips on how to stay safe and how not to upset the locals. Something that seems so normal to us may be disrespectful to them, so it is well worth it.”

Are you considering going on a gap year? Have you been on a gap year and have any wisdom to share? Let us know in the comments or on our twitter page. For more information, see www.trutravels.com.

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