12 Resources That Will Help You Get Into College

Although most students have always included college education into their plans for future, they are still not prepared for the application process when it becomes part of their reality. Admissions boards consider many factors when they form the list of admitted candidates, so it’s difficult for you to understand how to meet their expectations.
Luckily, there are tons of online resources that will help you go through this stage of your life with less stress involved. In the continuation, you will find a list of 12 excellent tools and websites you should definitely check out.

1. Precision Admission

Precision Admission

This website has a specific goal to make college applications easier for students. You can have a meeting with a Precision Admission coach, who will tell you how to improve your chances of getting admitted to the school of your dreams.

2. NinjaEssays

Custom writing service

If you are struggling with the process of essay writing, NinjaEssays is the website to turn to. You can get help with the scholarship and admission essays throughout all stages. Remember: including the perfect papers in your application documents is very important for the success of the overall process.

3. College Prep Ask It


At College Prep Ask It, you will find effective resources that will help you deal with college preparations, applications and admissions, scholarship applications, entrance exams, and finances.

4. Colleges that Change Lives


CTCL is a non-profit organization with a goal to help each student find a college that will lead to a lifelong love of learning and commitment. You can use the website to search for majors and varsity sports, or become part of the program “How to Choose a College that’s Right for You.”

5. College Admission

college admission

The blog of this website offers advice, news, and tips related to college applications. In addition, you will find articles with commentary from admission deans, college counselors, and other experts.

6. PossibilityU


If you are a visual learner, then this YouTube channel is perfect for you. The videos will help you find the right college, deal with the finances, and write decent application essays.

7. KnowHow2Go


KnowHow2Go is aimed at making the process of getting into college easier to understand for high school students. You can get advice about choosing a college, exploring your interest, applying to the right colleges, dealing with the expenses, and more.

8. adMission Possible


The articles published at adMission Possible will teach you how to find the best college for your interests, apply and get accepted. In addition, the website includes tips that will help you confront the financial burdens of attending college.

9. Cappex


Cappex is an intuitive service that enables you to compare different services, find information about the admissions process and tuition, and evaluate your chances to get into the school of your choice. In addition, you can read reviews provided by real students at different colleges.

10. The Prospect

the prospect

College admissions counseling is more approachable and comprehensive than ever thanks to The Prospect. The articles are fun, genuine, and incredibly useful. The tips provided by college and high school students will help you own the college admissions process.

11. EduPlan


At EduPlan, you can get valuable counseling throughout the cumbersome college application process. The blog section is also very useful; you can get tips that will help you make a smooth transition from high school to college.

12. College Toolkit

college toolkit

The process of college application goes beyond the choice of the perfect school. At this website, you will find tools that will help you go through every stage. You can use College Toolkit to search for colleges, online degrees, and scholarships. In addition, you can also use the website to compare student loans and explore different career options.

When you rely on the right tools, the challenge of getting into the right college won’t be a burden. This is an important stage of your life, so you need support to get through it with success.

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