13 of the Best Free Apps for Students

ID-10092881Having a smartphone these days is almost as common as having a head, and a quick glance around campus will prove that nearly every student has a mobile device glued to their hand. Oldies may complain that the youth of today are unhealthily reliant on gadgets, but when used in a certain way (not Tindering under the desk in lectures); our mobile phones can enhance our student life.

Here is a list of the best free apps for students.


Let’s be honest, us students aren’t renowned for our ability to whip up culinary masterpieces (no, Supernoodle sandwiches do not fall under this category), but this app can offer a helping hand. There are a variety of recipe collections available including one called ‘I Can Barely Cook’ for us saucepan simpletons and you can also filter recipes by what’s in your fridge, ideal for those times when you’re too skint to do a food shop.

My Superlist

This app may not be as exciting as Candy Crush but it is guaranteed to save you money, so it’s definitely worth the download. It allows you to draw up a shopping list and tells you how much it comes to and where the cheapest places to buy each item are, even down to the cheapest 3 litre bottle of cider. It compares ASDA, Sainbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose Boots and Superdrug. It also shows what offers are on at which supermarket so you don’t miss any bargains. Thrifty.

Find my iPhone/Where’s My Droid

We have all (or will in time) experienced that earth shatteringly horrendous moment when we’re dancing away on the top floor of a nightclub and you realise that your mobile phone seems to  have gone on a little adventure. By downloading the app you can locate your iPhone/Android from another device so that you can reunite yourself with your beloved within minutes.


Ever feel like your head is going to explode because you’ve got too many things to remember? No? Well I’m sure this helpful little app will be useful at some point anyway. Personally I find that adding tasks to the default reminder app that comes with an iPhone is a bit of a pain because you can’t add individual items quickly- Wunderlist makes this possible and also lets you give individual list items due dates and reminders, sync to your desktop. A good way to use it is to give each module its own list and then add tasks or reminders to it.


This is a pretty handy app even if you’re not a true organising enthusiast. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through Facebook during lectures use this handy app to make notes instead. Entries can be made as text, audio or photos, filed in a particular notebook which is perfect for organising modules.

Nike Training Club

If, like me, you’re feeling a bit plump after taking full advantage of having access to a fridge stocked full with Christmas goodies whilst home, it is probably time for some exercise. Gym memberships can be expensive but within minutes of downloading this app you can have a personalised workout to suit your own individual goals. You can choose from individual exercises or select a targeted, structured programme and set your own music to keep you motivated. The festive fatness will be gone in no time.

Drinking Games

Ring of fire can get pretty tedious after a while, and we’re all sick of hearing about what Dan has done in ‘I Have Never’. Download this app to revamp pre-drinks, it includes a digital dice, coin, deck of cards and now spin the bottle and there’s 100 games to choose from.


Check all your course information on the move so that you no longer have to be the pest constantly questioning other people about when your essay is due/what room you’re meant to be in and what work you were meant to have done.

iHandy torch free

For those inevitable times when you’re stood on your doorstep at 3am fumbling around in your bag for keys.


The anecdote to those annoying times when you are out and about and hear a song that you absolutely must have on your playlist but don’t have the foggiest who the artist is or what it’s called. Within seconds Shazam will tell you the details of the track and also provide you with a link to download it straight to your phone.


This is one for the social media addicts who cannot resist the ping of a Facebook notification when studying.  This app eliminates distractions by blocking certain websites for a set amount of time, so that you give your full concentration to your essay rather than your Twitter feed. Once the blocks are in place it is impossible to access them until the time you previously specified runs out. Even if you get so desperate that you delete the app, you still can’t access them before the time is up.


Some lecturers have a voice like a monotonous rode drill, so if their droning sends you to sleep then fear not. TED provides access to talks on a variety of subjects by insanely clever people. Search for the topic you want information on and save your favourites to access later or use the ‘inspire me’ tool which filters the talks based on your mood and time available.

Sleep If U Can

Forget the snooze button; this alarm clock can only be dismissed if you get up out of bed to take a picture of your sink (or any other area you define). You’ll never miss a 9 o’clock lecture again.

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