2 bargain Christmas beauty gifts you need in your life

As the last few weeks before Christmas quickly fizzle away, you may be one of those students who has left their Christmas shopping to the last minute. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there. Even though you’re probably looking forward to going home, being reunited with family and friends, and eating proper meals again, the stress of finding gifts for your loved ones on a student budget can leave you feeling a bit deflated before the holiday season. To lend a helping hand, we’ve reviewed two of our favourite Christmas beauty gifts on the market at the minute, that won’t break the bank! Take a look below…

Dead Sea Natural Black Mud Mask Soap 

If you’re looking for an all-natural remedy for sensitive and acne-prone skin then look no further. Malki’s Dead Sea Mud Mask Soap bar is great for oily breakouts and flare-ups, yet it doesn’t dry out your skin either! In my opinion the best thing about this soap is how it leaves your skin smooth and supple. There are plenty of other acne-soap remedies out there that actually dry up the skin in an effort to combat oily zones on the face, which consequently leaves your skin feeling worse. There’s no fear of this with the Dead Sea soap. Daily use has meant my skin is clearer and brighter, and redness and breakouts have significantly reduced over the past two weeks too. I particularly like how this soap is unperfumed, as well as being free of animal fats and detergents too. This means there’s no harsh fragrances or chemicals damaging delicate facial skin. Priced at only £3.75 (yes, you read that right!) from Boots, this makes a great stocking filler for any beauty product fiend. 

Beautify’s Trifold LED Mirror 

Another great value for money gift for the beauty lover in your life is Beautify’s Trifold LED Mirror. This lightweight, portable mirror is great for travelling or use at home, and looks chic enough to match any room’s interior. The central mirror is surrounded by bright LED lights which can be powered by USB or AA batteries. A really handy feature of the lights is that the brightness can be adjusted with the touchscreen dimmer button so that the most natural lighting effect can be achieved wherever you are. There’s also a 10x magnifying mirror on the left panel, which is so helpful for precision make up application such as contouring or blending. And another cool secret feature? The mirror panels flips 180 degrees on it’s stand, so you can check your look in any lighting, any where! Beautifully designed and robust, buy it on Beautify for only £14.99. 


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