24-Hours Essay: 10 Hacks to Craft a Pro Essay in a Day

If you are a student, writing assignments, such as essays, is no strangers to you. It is quite normal that you are looking for some help with writing your essay to make it proficient. Who would want to spend too much time and effort on a paper that will turn out to be mediocre? If you want to write a pro 24 hour essay, you should read the following writing guideline to assist you!

1. Pick up a Topic (1 Hour)

You cannot write a paper without having a topic. Your professor might have already assigned a topic, and you should just choose the style of your paper. Otherwise, have fun choosing a topic of your choice!

2. Research Information (3 Hours)

Find some information you need to strengthen your paper as well as support your topic. Research credible sources and make sure you have all the information you need to create a profound piece. 

3. Brainstorm (2 Hours)

Brainstorming not only includes putting your researched information together in structured thoughts, but it also gives you an opportunity to add your own creativity. That way, you can make your paper unique and interesting to read.

4. Create a Thesis Statement (1 Hour)

Once you know what you are going to cover in your essay, create a thesis statement. This will be a central piece of your work that is why it should be really strong. Thesis statement is a sentence that should inform your readers of what the whole paper is about. This helps keep your intentions clear and concise to your audience.

5. Generate an Outline (1 Hour)

Now, it is time to create an outline. All your thoughts and information you have been sifting through should now be strategically placed to easily guide you on how to structure your writing in order not to leave anything important out. Outlines also help make your essay easy to read.

6. Fill in the Body (3 Hours)

After you have placed the predetermined information in the order you want, write the body out. The body is to introduce your thoughts, supporting the research, and helping connect the dots for readers. Try to stay away from adding fluff.

7. Write an Introduction (1 Hour)

When the body is done, write an introduction. Writing it after the body will help you give a better idea of what exactly you are introducing to your readers. Keep in mind that you should not only dwell upon the main information, but you have to capture readers as well as make them interested and involved!

8. Form a Conclusion (1 Hour)

Finally, conclude your essay. Close your writing by summarizing your ideas and reinforcing your thesis. Keep it short between 3 to 5 sentences.

9. Have Good Sleep (8 Hours)

As soon as the whole essay is ready, it is quite important to have some rest. You should abstract yourself from the paper. Do something that you like and have good sleep before continuing working on your masterpiece.

10. Proofread and Edit (2 Hours)

Check your essay for any spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. Correct the mistakes you have found and make sure there are no accidental typos!

11. Finish with Touch ups (1 Hour)

End the writing process with touch ups. This includes vocabulary, analyzing flow and cutting out unnecessary information.

Writing essays is not always fun or easy to do. However, you don’t have to let it affect your grades or keep you from saving valuable time. By following this guide, you can write like a pro in 24 hours!

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