29 things you’ll do as a fresher

Ah, the big move to uni. You’ve bundled all your belongings into the car, said a teary goodbye to mum/dad/gran/siblings, and bought your body weight in baked beans and pasta (just to be on the safe side). What’s next? Fresher’s week, and all the fun, chaos, and humiliation that it brings with it.

Here’s 29 things you’ll undoubtedly do as a Fresher. #relatable. #awkward. 


  1. Meet your flatmates. Have the ‘what are you studying?’ conversation around 782 times in the first week.
  2. Decorate your room with fairy lights (an adorably cliché way of decorating)
  3. Run out of drawing pins to stick all your photos on the pinboard with. 
  4. Forget the most basic, useful kitchen items *cough* plates *cough*. 
  5. After forgetting your plates, run to Wilko’s to buy a new set. 50p per plate? Bargain, I’ll take 12. 
  6. Then find out your mum has packed items that are REALLY not essential. Pestle and mortar, anyone?
  7. Make a flat group chat. Used for timid interactions at first, but sooner or later this will evolve into hilariously weird 4am GIF messages. And someone will always be awake to answer them. 
  8. Burn whatever you’re cooking. 
  9. Waste what little student loan you have on a takeaway after burning said food. 
  10. Get caught in the cycle of ordering takeaways because Deliveroo and Uber Eats are luxuries you don’t have back home. 
  11. Cry because you miss your home, your family, and your friends. 
  12. Feel a bit lonely – bombard your parents with 4 FaceTimes a day just to tell them you’re still alive.
  13. Start going to pre-drinks at people’s flats who you don’t really know. 
  14. Get really drunk with these people, promise to be besties and promise to go out together all the time. 
  15. See these people around campus and realise you shouldn’t have said all that stuff at pre’s, and awkwardly nod at one another as you walk past, continuing with your completely separate, sober lives.
  16. Go to all your lectures and seminars for approximately the first three weeks. Then give up. Indefinitely.
  17. Procrastinate an important assignment until the night before, telling yourself you’ll ‘just go to the library and finish it in 4 hours’. How wrong you were. 
  18. Make best friends for life, whether they’re your flatmates or coursemates, or friends from a society or club.
  19. Get mocked by these friends for your accent. Even if you don’t think you have an accent, you do, and it’s gonna be weird to everyone else.
  20. If you’re not from a major city like Manchester or Birmingham, you dread the ‘So where are you from?’ conversation. 
  21. Catch Fresher’s flu.
  22. Believe you’re dying because Fresher’s flu is the worst illness you’ve ever contracted in your life.
  23. Start to become really independent. Actually forget to ring your parents one week much to their disappointment.
  24. Take part in the North/South divide debate. This takes no prisoners. 
  25. Actually start applying for jobs because you’re now living off £10 a week. 
  26. Become traumatised by your accommodation’s fire alarm, which will go off multiple times in the middle of the night. For no reason.
  27. Captioning all your Instagram photos with ‘LN’, because all your photo’s were from last night’s antics.
  28. Having the most hilariously indescribable moments with your new mates. 
  29. Treasuring these memories forever. 
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Molly Hare

Molly Hare // Ex Magazine Editor // PR and Journalism student at Leeds Beckett // Book worm, cocktail connoisseur, gherkin fanatic //

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