3 Top Tips For Students Using Microsoft Outlook

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With Office 2013 there are so many new features that must be explored. Here are a few exciting new additions that will save you so much time – you will begin to question how you ever coped without them.

This week we have brought to you some of the new features Outlook has to offer:


1.       Never Forget an Attachment!

Have you ever written the infamous words ‘please find attached’ and then sent the email without an attachment? Well this will now be a thing of the past; Outlook can now detect if a message contains words typically used when including attachments and will remind you if it is omitted. So those ‘Apologies, please find attached’ follow up emails will be a thing of the past.


2.       Don’t forget your drafts!

How many times have you started to reply to an email but not finished due to some interruption? The email would get saved in your Drafts folder but we all know we never remember it is stored there. In Outlook 2013 you don’t have to worry about not completing your emails. All drafts are now clearly visible in your inbox so you can just carry on where you left off.


3.       Use Outlook to Stay “Socially” Responsible

The new Office Outlook helps you stay in the know by connecting your social networks. The ‘People Card’ in Outlook joins multiple contacts into one view, reducing duplicates, and offers the latest social context, including status updates, contact information and pictures from Office, Facebook and LinkedIn; making sure you never miss out on anything.

Check out Student Wire next week for some great handy ‘Hints, Tips and Tricks’ available on Excel.

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