4 things that hit you when you move to university

1. Shit. I’m old. Yes, you’re officially an adult, living away from your parents, with other irresponsible adults. Probably one of the biggest learning curves you’ll ever have – get to know your real strengths and weaknesses. From the simple challenges of making your own bed from start to finish, actually cleaning (real live cleaning with bleach and stuff) to the more complicated things such as using a washing machine, dealing with other people’s horrible habits and that feeling of homesickness we all eventually get.

2. That inevitable force of dread that washes over when your sitting bored stiff in your 3rd lecture, of the first semester, and realise the subject you’ve chosen is horrifically boring. Calm down, every subject has dull lectures, in fact, most of have tons of boring lectures. It’s also pretty likely that you won’t have a career in the exact degree that you do. These days people branch out and simply having a degree is a massive helping hand, whether your subject relates directlly or not.

3. A major function of university is pushing people you wouldn’t usually interact with into your path, and throwing you together in a way that you inevitably become the best of friends (okay not always, but let’s be positive). Whether it’s your rugby lad flat mate, your feminsist seminar buddy or even that international course mate, we’ll all come across something we’re not used to. These differences are often what create the strongest friendships, the things you can learn from someone you have nothing in common with are endless.

4. For many, once the hustle and bustle of freshers week is over, university hits you with an overwhelming feeling of loneliness. Yes it is hard and at the beginning you do feel lonely, but often what you don’t realise to begin with is that this is contributing to your independence. So, instead of locking yourself in your bedroom and crying on Skype to your mum, get outside, talk to flat mates, join society’s, get a job, which ever suits you, but most importantly make friends. After all, the people are what you’ll remember the most.

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