4 Top Tips For Using Microsoft OneNote

OneNote - wavebreakmediaWe have finally come to the end of our whistle stop tour of Microsoft Office, presenting you with all the amazing new features that will help you succeed not only at uni but in all aspects of your life – it’s astonishing what one piece of software can do.

Our final job is to update you on the features OneNote has to offer. For any student this is a great programme for jotting down notes and making sure you don’t forget anything. Juggling your work and personal life can be challenging so let OneNote take away the stress and keep you in order.


1.       Become a better student

Microsoft OneNote is perfect for any student to assist with taking notes in class. OneNote allows you to add links, pictures, record lectures, and much more. Best part is with Windows Phones and Outlook.com; you can access your notes anywhere. Thanks to OneNote you will become a better, more productive student – we highly recommend it!

 2.       Make better tables

Create more sophisticated tables in your notes than ever before. OneNote now supports new formatting options for cell shading, header rows and data sorting within table cells so you can organise and display information the way you want.

 3.       Take Note

PowerPoint and OneNote now have great connectivity. You can insert slides easily into OneNote and with one-click, create ‘linked notes’ that correspond to your presentation. This allows you to go back any time and find the slides connected to your notes.

4.       Snip, Paste, Go!

I’m in love with the OneNote screen capture tool! You can even paste into any Office programme with it. The improved ‘Send to OneNote’ tool makes it easier than ever to clip whatever you’re seeing on your screen, send a Web page or an entire document to a notebook section, or to jot down Quick Notes that are automatically saved and filed as part of your notebook.


From Outlook to Excel, Word to PowerPoint and now finally OneNote we have given you all the information you need to help get those few extra marks that can make all the difference.


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