5 songs to guide your hangover survival

HangoverLet’s be honest, we’ve all experienced it…a few too many Jagerbombs and you’ve woken up to a stinging headache that feels like you’ve just spent the last six hours or so playing Flappy Bird (or one of it’s many simulators) whilst a ‘Best of Happy Hardcore’ compilation album blazes in the background. Your head is aching, your body feels numb and fragile; you need some good R&R to help you out of this lull. Here are some classic tracks to help do just that:

1. All Saints – Pure Shores

This soothing, sun-soaked early 00’s classic has the kind of uplifting chorus and positive vibe that will shake off that post-alcohol glumness and whisk you away to sandy beaches and exotic, faraway places. Altogether now, “I’m movin’, I’m comin, can you hear what I hear? It’s calling you my dear…”

2. Bobby McFerrin – Don’t Worry, Be Happy

I had to include at least one Reggae track on this list, so I thought I’d include a legendary one. The gentle, soothing rhythm of this timeless tune will ease you out of your bed (or wherever you ended up) and put you in a cheery mindset for the day ahead with it’s reassuring lyric and chirpy whistles throughout.

3. Air – La Femme D’Argent

This one’s a little more left-field, but stay with it and you won’t be disappointed. Gloriously spacey synthesizers and a smooth comedown groove help this track, from the French duo’s 1998 Debut Moon Safari,to be a pretty smashing hangover cure. Great song on it’s own too as well.

4. Jason Mraz – I’m Yours

The hat may be a little corny, but there’s no doubting this easygoing quasi-Reggae ballad has some great healing qualities with it’s sweet melodies and perky ukelele strings. And yes, it may be a bit of a soppy love song but it’s still got a great hangover banishing effect. Cheers Jason!

5. The xx – VCR

A soft, almost hushed vocal and warm, tender guitar notes all backed up by a sweet Xylophone melody make VCR a genuinely quite lovely song. In a hangover situation however, it’s a true Godsend as it gently pulses along with a cuddly lyric and duel vocal from Romy Madley Croft and Oliver Sim.

And there you have it, remember to keep the volume low at all times and have a great hangover!

Image Credit: Alvaro Canivell via Flickr

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Jack Clark

I'm a second year Public Relations and Communications student at Leeds Met. I love music, hence I write about music. I also write about PR, culture, news and communications.

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