The 5 most likely Flappy Bird reactions

5093910979_9edda8ec29I’m sure you’ve all heard of Flappy Bird. It’s a game which when it’s being explained it sounds like the easiest game around, however only those who have played it know the frustration it can bring! If you’ve played it, or are thinking about playing it, I’m sure you would have experienced each one of these reactions:

What the @*#?!”

You’ve played 5 games and you’ve still not got passed 4 – what’s going on? Why can’t you get passed it? Is there a fault with your phone? How is it possible this game SO hard?!


You’ve been playing for 10 minutes and you’ve finally got close to reaching your top score, then BAM you misjudge the jump, hit the post and die. Your hard work has been a waste of time and you know it’s going to take you another 10 minutes to get anywhere near reaching it again.

Im never playing again!!”

20 minutes in and you’ve not even got passed two? What’s the point? Clearly you had a one off lucky attempt when you managed to get to 7. But the truth is, you know you won’t delete the app and you’ll spend any free time you’ve got to try and get passed or even near number 7.


After hours, maybe even days of playing you just know beating your high score will be such an achievement, as you don’t even know how you got it in the first place… You get to 11 and you’re heart starts racing, all you need is to get through one more post and you would have beaten your score. You manage it! You shout, jump and even dance to celebrate as the hours of frustration has paid off!! Now the cycle continues, you have a new high score to beat that’ll take you another million attempts for you to even reach again…

One more go!”

You’ve just beaten your score and you’re determined you’ll do it again. You just need to play one more game…half an hour later you’re still playing and you’ve probably not even got anywhere near your new high score.

Image courtesy of Greg Westfall via Compfight

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