The 5 People You Meet in a Youth Hostel

Whoever invented the concept of a Youth Hostel is a genius. Why stay in a standard boring hotel chain when you can stay in a quirky little hostel instead? Even if I could afford to stay at the Hilton, I’d go with a hostel any day!

At the end of a long day exploring a new city, all you really need is a bed to crash into. You save a ton of money in this no-frills establishment, stay in a place with a personality of its own, and also get to meet loads of interesting people.

 You might befriend some, have fond memories of others, or even downright hate them. Either way, you’ll have a great story to tell. So, in no particular order, shall we begin? Here are the five people you may come across at a youth hostel.

1.The guy who lives there

This guy has certainly marked his territory in the dorm. He has three suitcases next to his bed; the table lined with a calendar and photos to remind him of home, the counter stashed with his kitchen and pantry, and the corner docked with a boom box. Maybe he lost his job and can’t afford a place? Maybe he’s just eccentric and likes living in a hostel? Or maybe he’s on the most wanted criminals in the country hiding in this room? No one knows his deal. No one dares to ask. But hey, this gives the 8-bed dorm a homely vibe!

2.The party animal

 99.99% of the time, the party animal will take the form of an Erasmus or Study Abroad student. Because everyone knows that study abroad is just an excuse for a yearlong drunken haze. This person will spend nights partying it up and will make sure you’re aware of it when they stumble into their bed at 4 am. You’ll most probably be thinking about the sweet revenge when you open the blinds, turn on the lights, and chat with your mates the next morning.

3. The hipster

Perhaps they’ve spent the last few months learning yoga in the Himalayas- they’ll make sure they greet you with a “namaste”. Or perhaps they’ve quit their job to travel the world- ticking each country off their bucket list at a time. Whatever their back-story is, the hipster will intrigue you. You’ll find yourself listening to their travel tales in awe and wonder why aren’t you jetting off to Latvia next after your trip in this city comes to an end.

4. The annoying couple

 By far the most annoying occupant in the mixed dorm, or “occupants” I should say, is the couple. They booked two beds in the dorm but prefer to spend the night in one. Enough said. Why don’t they just save themselves the hassle and get a private room instead?

 5. The invisible one

 This one just doesn’t seem to mingle with everyone else in the dorm or even want to integrate into the group dynamic. They’d rather just snuggle in their bed, with a book in hand and headphones plugged in which screams “I’d rather be left alone”. You don’t even know their name but you don’t care. There’s too much interesting things going on anyways and they’re practically invisible to you.


Photo Credit: Katy McGrady via Compfight cc

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