5 reasons to spend your holidays on a motorcycle

Vacation time is precious. We want to use up every single minute, every single day we have. That’s why getting to our destination as soon and as fast as possible is something to strive for greatly. A direct line bus, or a plane, all of that can grant us as much time as we can get at our holiday spot. But, what if, and forgive us on this cliché, the journey is more important than the destination? The whole point of vacation is just to relax, right? Where you are actually going is just secondary to that. So why not go by motorcycle? Check out the list below to find out…


A motorcycle ride will afford you freedom that you can’t get anywhere else. You choose your time, your spots. You decide how much you want to ride on any given day. And sometimes, it can even be faster than regular means of transportation, if you know what you are doing. Spending your vacation on a motorcycle gives you freedom in every way possible. You should just prepare your stuff, and get ready to go on the road.

You will have complete and total control of your time, your lunch and bathroom breaks. You can go anywhere, anytime. Spending your vacation on a motorcycle means you are not reliant on anybody else. If you want, you can visit one city, and then go to another one in the middle of the day. The only rules you need to follow are your own (and traffic rules, don’t forget about those).

Different Experience

Spending your vacation on your bike is a one of a kind experience. Unlike traveling by train or bus, traveling by motorcycle will make you completely immersed in your surroundings. When you’re inside of a bus or a train, you are separate from the world, in a box, protected from the air and the sun and the world. On a motorcycle you’re right in the middle of it, you are part of the environment, not separate from it.

Furthermore, you will see more, by its very nature. You have, literally, a different perspective and point of view because you’re sitting on a motorcycle, and not behind the wheel of a car. You can stop somewhere, take in the view at your leisure, and then go back to your ride. You won’t even have to get up early and go to the airport, to catch a train. You can just pack and go whenever you want. 

Gets you out of your comfort zone

One of the most important things you can do is get out of your comfort zone. You should do this as often as possible, whenever you get the chance. And going on a motorcycle vacation is the best way to do this. You’re out on the road, alone, depending on yourself and the plan you set out for yourself.

And that can be scary, we know. It doesn’t matter if your traveling to some exotic location like Malaysia, the wild and unending roads of America, or the brutal and beautiful horizons of Australia. But it will also toughen you up. If you get into trouble, you can always contact your countries local embassy, or even the Red Cross. If you’re in places like, for example, Australia, you can professionally settle any motorcycle accident claims with local compensation lawyers. Just try to stay out of trouble, and be careful on the road.

Meet strange, new people

Traveling by motorcycle, wherever you decide to go, is bound to get you to meet new and strange people. And since you’re gonna get all that freedom we told you earlier, you will have all the time in the world to get to know them better. If they’re fellow motorcycle travelers, you may just end up making new best friends.

Of all the beautiful locations you go to, the magnificent things you can see, the people are probably the most interesting and important part of it all.

Improves your riding

Spending several days, or even weeks, in the saddle will improve your riding drastically. You will have a ton of more control and confidence when riding anywhere else. And the best way to practice is right during your vacation time!

Furthermore, you will practice on all kinds of different roads and locations. Meaning, when you come back home, the regular old boring roads will be a joke compared to the exotic locations you were at.


So, we hope we have convinced you. Sure, the whole idea of going on an extended road trip on your bike may sound scary, but trust us, once you go through with it, you will never wanna go back. Stepping out of your comfort zone, becoming a better rider, all of these things are just wonderful side benefits of one of the best vacations you will ever have.

Written by Alexander Hunkin.

Alexander Hunkin is an Australian based startup advisor with in-depth
experience in growing business. His meaningful and strategic advices have
helped in setting and growing many startup companies in Brisbane and Perth.
Alexander is also a content creator for different niches. The top ones are
business, career, finance and marketing. He aspires to share his
experiences and is always on the lookout for the next opportunity to
enhance his skills. When he isn’t busy working, you can find him cooking
exotic meals, scuba diving and cycling.

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