5 Student-Savvy Money Saving Tips

When it comes to being a student there are many obstacles you will come across. One of the biggest ones is money; how to spend it, how to save it and all that goes in-between. Living by yourself for the first time (and being given a big student loan) can mean that it’s all been wasted within the first month of uni life. Well here a few tips on how to save some of the pennies:

1. Take advantage of all student offers: Ask every shop if they offer student discount. Many shops, including Topshop and Urban Outfitters, offer 10% student discounts so it’s always worthwhile to check.Money Savings - Sam72

2. Pay bills and charges on time: It may sound obvious, but pay every bill/rent as soon as possible. Banks make their money off interest charges, so will slap as much on as possible. As for utility bills, there’s no point scrimping on the heating over winter, if they’re going add on any late payment fees when the bills not paid on time.

3. Be travel savvy: Chances are you’ve moved to a university that’s at least a train ride away from your parental home. So when it comes to weekend visits home look around for the best ways to travel back. Bus fares can be very cheap (check out mega-bus for routes near you) also the 16-25 young person rail card gives you a third off fares. To make an even bigger saving look in to alternative routes, buying single tickets, as opposed to returns, and book weeks in advanced.

4. Prink:

  1. verb (used without object) 
  2. pre-drink·ing; noun
  3. To take alcohol into the mouth and swallow it to obtain a drunk state of one’s self before a night out.
  4. (In other words, think how much money you save buying a bottle of your chosen spirit compared to how much a single and mixer is at your local.)

5. Make meal plans with your mates: Not only will you be able to split the cost of the weekly shopping, it will encourage you to get in to good eating habits and you can take it in turns to cook/wash up.


– Mali Lewis

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