5 Things You Need to Travel the World

Like it or not as a nation we’re all often guilty of having the ‘living for the weekend’ mentality, and the same applies to our holiday mentality too. Every year we all look forward to whatever holiday we have planned and count down the days to our next getaway. But, what if you spent longer than two weeks exploring just one destination? And instead spent three, six, nine or even a year travelling around the world?

With so many corners of the globe to explore, many are swapping jumping into the 9 to 5 after college or university, and are choosing to grab a backpack and travel until their heart (and passport) is content.

So, what five things do you need to travel the world? Let’s find out.


Okay, first things first. You are going to need money to travel the world. So, you’ll need to get those savings in check. Open up a saving account which is separate to your current account and aim to top it up by a certain amount each month, then add in any extra that you can at the end of the month. This way you can keep everything separate from your daily expenses.


You’re going to want to document your travels – otherwise how else will you look back on all those fun memories you made when you’re in a care home?! Whether you opt to use your trusty iPhone camera, invest in a DSLR or take it old school with a polaroid camera – you really shouldn’t go travelling without one. If travel photography is your thing then this post has all you need to know to make it your dream career.


Whether you are travelling alone or in a group it’s only natural to feel a little scared. In a new country and culture, away from day-to-day activities that you are used to travelling can be an experience filled with nerves. But be confident! Remember that the majority of people that you will meet along the way are likely to feel the same.

Travel Diary

While keeping a log of your travels through photography is great, it doesn’t always give you a quick snapshot view of what you did that day or where you went. There are plenty of travel diaries on the market, but you could just grab any old notebook and make your own. Be sure to include the following; date, location, what you did, what you ate, how you felt and anything else important. Of course, you could also start a blog and share it for the world to see.


So, you may be thinking, ‘why are we talking about working when I am supposed to be travelling the world?’ but it can not only give you a steady income, but also open up your travelling network. You’ll be able to meet new people and immerse yourself fully in that countries culture – it doesn’t matter if you work in a bar or teach English, the people you meet will help to shape the experiences you have on your travels.

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