5 tips if you’re not enjoying Uni

ID-100105034It’s easy to log onto Facebook and see your news feed full of fresher’s pictures, nights out, drinking games and all of your school friends loving their new uni lifestyle. I spent my fresher’s doing the same as everyone else and to anyone stalking my Facebook page they would have thought I was enjoying it too, but really I was hating it! Being in a different city making all new friends is a really scary thing and it’s not for everyone.

Here are some tips if you’re not enjoying Uni:

 1) Don’t take any notice of social media

I thought everyone except me loved their first few weeks at Uni. When I came home for Christmas I found out that a lot of my friends were  not enjoying it as much as they had thought. I used to make myself more upset worrying what was wrong with me and why I didn’t enjoy it, but you need to remember that Uni and living away from home isn’t for everyone.

 2) Keep yourself busy

It’s easy to get into a routine of going out, waking up hungover and repeating the day again. I spent this time in bed missing home and it does not help. Get out and get a hobby, join a gym or go to the library and start that assignment you’re avoiding.

 3) Make an effort

Make plans with the new people you meet on your course or in halls. It’s scary at first to put yourself out there, but the chances are other people may be struggling, and need a friend too.

 4) Are you enjoying your course?

Maybe that’s the problem! It could be possible to change it, so be proactive and find out your options.

 5)  Decide if uni really is the choice for you or if you are in the right city

I loved my course but I hated being away from home so in the end I made the scary decision to transfer and commute from home. If you want to continue at Uni but are homesick there is always a way around it.

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