5 Ways to avoid arguments with your housemates

Arguments - Doruk Sikman1. Do your washing up. Without a doubt the main cause for arguments in student houses is washing up. People are very different, whereas one person may think leaving washing up isn’t the end of the world, others can disagree and this can actually lead to quite heated arguments. Leaving the washing up is unsightly and can eventually start to smell, easiest solution – do your washing up, as soon as it needs doing. Or alternatively eat ready meals, no washing up at all.

2. Students like to sleep – this is a well-known fact. However this requires a whole new routine when it comes to creeping about. Whereas at home coming in and banging about at 3am would be setting yourself up for a ‘grounding’ but 3am is early evening time for most students.  This then requires a new morning ritual which is incredibly important: before 12pm is still morning; do not disturb. Anyone slamming doors or walking around heavy footed will ensure moody and snappy housemates who will not be pleased to see you when they emerge from their caves.

3.Use your own butter (this is not something to share). Sharing is a very lovely idea but for the most part it doesn’t work out. The idea of living in a house with six people and having six butters, milks, loaves of bread etc may seem ridiculous but until you experience crumbs in the butter and no milk when you need it you just wouldn’t understand.  Of course items like toilet roll are better to buy between you, but make sure you keep track of who has bought what, how many and when. This way there is a mutual understanding and knowledge that warrants no arguments.

4.Organise bills. Always keep up-to-date with bills, have a system or a list of who has to pay what and when, that way there’s no accusations about who hasn’t paid when it’s all written down. Some houses have a group whiteboard with all the bills that need paying and their due dates, this is an easy way to keep on-track with everyone’s finances.

5. Don’t bite. If someone is out for an argument, be the bigger person. It’s easy to bite back but you’re living with these people for one or two years, there is no need to cause yourself stress. If however there is an argument, the best thing to do is sort it out as quickly as possible, talk about it and get over it, holding a grudge is too much like hard-work.

Most of all enjoy it, try not to get easily irritated and appreciate the whole university experience, drama free!

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