50 Shades of Greyish

Okay, so I haven’t read the books nor have I seen the film yet. And until some friends offered, the idea of seeing it hadn’t even crossed my mind. I know there are a lot of people out there who love the book and will surely love the films, however I know there are certainly a fair few people, like myself, who are left asking ‘why?’.

From what I’ve heard the plot of the book revolves around a young, inexperienced woman who works with or meets (who knows/cares) a very rich man, Christian Grey. Now correct me if I am wrong but is this book not about sex slavory? Because if it isn’t, then please could someone explain to me how this book is supposed to be romantic or whatever. If a story like this was real and on the news, there would be thousands of offended and angry women ganging up. Instead, because it is written and technically ‘fiction’ is has become somewhat of a craze. I’ve even heard girls saying ‘Oh I wish a man could treat me like that!’- What make you sign a contract that says you have to do everything he says, sexually? No thank you, I think I’ll pass.

Now no disrespect E.L. James, it takes a lot of dedication and hard work to create a novel, let alone three, and to give credit where it’s due, the book has clearly been a huge success.

What is surprising is what it’s created. Girls are going wild about the film. I think it’s also quite insulting that it’s airing at the cinema on Valentine’s day. Cinemas will make a fortune of course, but all this suggests is that they are expecting single women to be horny on Valentine’s day and are hoping to gain money from it. And to be honest, it’s not true. A lot of people don’t even care about Valentine’s day, or for that fact, being single. Why? Well because there is nothing wrong with being single.

What’s more shocking is how this, basically porn novel, seems to have gotten into the hands of underage girls, and even children. When it first came to fame a few years ago, there were 14/15 year old girls talking about it on social media. Sure they are teenagers, but surely all this does is give them a false view of sex and relationships.

Now that the film has almost arrived, I’m bracing myself for what will become of it.

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