6 huge advantages of having a smartwatch

The reason why many millennials and teens are shying away from wearing standard watches is due to the fact that digital generations see no point in purchasing a single-purpose device. Obviously, people prefer smartphones which act as multi-purpose, multi-media tools capable of accessing the internet and performing a myriad of tasks through their many apps.

However, what if you could combine both of these concepts in a single device? We’re talking about the gadget that will combine the portability of a watch with the pragmatism of a smartphone. We’re talking about a smartwatch and here are six most important reasons why so many people are so in love with this underrated gadget.


The first major reason why you need a smartphone is due to the fact that it’s a simple and elegant way to receive your notifications. Let’s face it, 9 out of 10 times, if you receive a message while jogging, exercising or engaging in an important conversation, you’ll just check out a notification and then respond later on. However, constantly taking your phone out, having to worry about dropping it while exercising and more, just for the sake of notifications, is definitely not worth it. In other words, a smartwatch is a simple way for you to monitor all the important messages coming your way.

A substitute for a phone

Another important reason for you to have a smartwatch is the fact that some models, in some scenarios, have a way of being a complete substitute for a phone. For instance, if you’re going camping or fishing, it’s far more pragmatic to use smartwatch than to use a phone. Still, this integration with the companion smartphone might depend on the model of the smartwatch that you’re using. This is one of many benefits of Apple Watch, which can be seamlessly connected with your iPhone.

It’s more polite

Previously we’ve talked about notifications as a huge plus from a pragmatic standpoint, yet, it’s also the case when it comes to etiquette. You see, checking out your phone during a business meeting is considered rude, while there are no such stigma for looking at your watch. So, there’s no need for you to be torn between the urge to check your phone for an important email and worry that you’ll offend the person in whose company you currently are. Therefore, owning a smartwatch may also be seen as the issue of social etiquette.

Answering calls

Other than reading messages, your smartwatch can also be used to accept or decline calls. Provided that you already have headphones and microphone plugged in, this means that you can see the caller and accept or decline the call without having to reach for your phone. This too is quite handy while walking or sitting in public transport, seeing as how reaching for your pocket and stretching to produce your phone might be quite difficult.

It’s safer

The next thing you should keep in mind is the fact that carrying a smartwatch is much safer than carrying your phone around. Of course, people with smartphones aren’t going to leave them at home just because they’ve acquired a smartwatch. Chances are that they’ll continue carrying both. On the other hand, by taking your phone from your pocket/purse, you’ll raise a flag for all malicious parties (such as pickpockets) to see and show them exactly where you’re keeping this precious gadget. A smartwatch is much harder to steal, which makes it into an ideal choice for large events such as rallies or gigs. It also makes it quite tourist-friendly.


Let’s face it, in the gym, during a walk or during a run the majority of people just use their smartphone to listen to some music. Others prefer to listen to an audiobook while driving or using public transport. All in all, if the audio system is the main reason why you’re using a smartphone, it might be for the best if you were just to invest in a smartwatch. If anything, this gives you an even easier method of playing, pausing and adjusting volume while on the move.


The best thing about having a smartwatch lies in the fact that it’s a gadget that you can use every single day, as well as a device that you can use on specific occasions. For instance, some people prefer to use these devices only when exercising, while others can’t imagine spending a single waking hour without them. Due to the fact that the cost of such a device usually isn’t that great, it’s sometimes worth acquiring it, just in case.

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Luke Douglas

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