6 Mother’s Day gifts on a student budget

Uh-oh…did you forget that it’s Mother’s Day on the 31st of March? Have no fear; instead of panic-buying a corner shop card and bouquet of flowers, check out our top picks for Mother’s Day on a student budget of £25 or under. This way you’ll be sure to bag a bargain and surprise your mum with something special this March!

Rose gold dipped sterling silver heart stud earrings – £3.75

These delicate earrings will be just the way to your mum’s heart this Mother’s Day. Jewellerybox offer a beautiful selection of quality sterling silver & 9ct gold jewellery at student-friendly prices…and for the price of £3.75, why would you say no to this pair of earrings? You’d even have enough cash spare to buy one or two more gifts as well! Although these earrings may be small, they’re definitely classy enough to add some subtle glamour to any mother’s outfit. And if ‘brown paper packages tied up with string’ are one of your mum’s favourite things, then this is definitely the gift for her as that is exactly how these earrings come wrapped! Simple, elegant and cheerful, buy them here.

Stoneglow pansy gel fishbowl candle – £17.49

It’s a given fact that nearly all mothers love candles, so instead of just buying a basic one for Mother’s Day, check out this pansy fishbowl candle by Stoneglow at Millbry Hill. This candle is set apart from the rest and makes for a beautiful interior decoration due to the real flowers that are set in gel in the fishbowl. How cool, right? On burning, the candle will fill your home with base scents of sandalwood, complimented by tones of jasmine, lily and white musk; this means the smell isn’t overpowering but will leave a pleasantly sweet scent instead. The candle itself has a burn time of 15 hours and is hand poured in the UK, so you know you’re purchasing a quality product. I honestly can’t stress enough how beautiful this decoration is, and with a range of 3 other flower-inclusion designs to choose from, you’re bound to find one that suits your mum’s own style. Buy it here.

Mrs Cuthbert’s Palma Violet gin liqueur – £13.99

Some very well-known facts for you: the sky is blue, there are seven days in a week, and mums everywhere love gin…which is why we definitely recommend Mrs Cuthbert’s gin liqueur in palma violet flavour! Inspired by the cake-loving home baker Mrs Cuthbert, this gin is perfect as a gift for your mum if she has a sweet tooth. As well as being moreishly sweet, this gin holds a delicate perfumed taste which is perfectly reminiscent of palma violets sweets, giving the consumer a true blast from the past. As with most gins, this one is paired well with either tonic water or prosecco, but it’s also light enough to taste great served straight over ice. The bottle design is great too; animated with chequered labeling in purple to match the colour of the gin, as well as a cute cartoon of Mrs Cuthbert herself. So you won’t even have to wrap the bottle up for it to look the part on Mother’s Day! A truly British product to make any mother smile on her special day. You can buy it here.

Guylian chocolates: Master’s Selection – £12.00

Everyone’s favourite chocolatier is here to save Mother’s Day if you want a tasteful, down to earth gift this 31st of March. Guylian’s Master’s Selection of chocolates is a selection of 30 (yes, 30!) mini pralines in an amazing assortment of flavours and tastes. Intensely rich, you can explore exotic flavours such as caramelised Costa Rican pineapple and Peruvian cocoa with dark pepper. These aren’t flavours that you find every day, but you definitely won’t regret buying them. You may even find your new favourite flavour! Delicately small, these work well as after dinner treats paired with coffee. Show your mum you care this Mother’s Day, and buy them here.

Baylis & Harding Midnight fig and pomegranate slipper set – £24.99

The ideal gift for the mum who is on her feet 24/7! Baylis and Harding have produced yet another high quality gift set which is full of thought for Mother’s Day; this time it’s their Midnight fig and pomegranate boxed slipper set that we’re raving about. If your mum is always running here, there and everywhere, then this may be the perfect present to let her relax and put her feet up. The set contains a beautifully scented tube of luxury foot lotion, as well as foot soak crystals and the softest snow-white slippers for her to pamper herself in. Beautifully packaged in sparkling burgundy berry tones, this pack is sure to make any mum feel glamorously pampered. You can find it here.

WASGIJ jigsaw puzzle – £12.10

This uniquely intricate jigsaw puzzle from WASGIJ will have you mum entertained for hours! If your mum thinks she’s a bit of a brainbox, let her try her hand at this. WASGIJ aren’t like any other puzzle brand; instead of making the jigsaw to match the picture on the box, you have to use your imagination and piece together your own solution. This can include figuring out ‘what happens next’ from the picture on the box, or imaging the future of the scene in their ‘time travelling’ puzzle concept. The 1000 piece puzzles are beautifully designed and portray witty and well-thought-out scenes for the player to enjoy. I’m currently making my way (slowly) through their Destiny 19 puzzle, “The Puzzlers Arms” in which the aim is to imagine the same scene but in the future. Although it’s more difficult than regular puzzles, it’s surprisingly relaxing trying to piece together the correct images and, by the end, I can imagine it giving you a brilliant sense of achievement. And with a RRP of £12.10, why would you turn it down? Check out their jigsaws here.

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