7 Things To Do In Your Summer Holiday

You might be caught up in exams and drowning in deadlines, but thinking about your summer holiday is a fantastic distraction from referencing and revision!


If you’re quick, your chances of grabbing a dream internship, or finding early bird offers are often higher than when you do it last minute. Unless of course, we’re talking last minute getaways.

Don’t let this be just another summer where you fall back into your old job at your parents’ local supermarket. Be a little adventurous and do something different!

If you haven’t got a clue what to do with your three months summer holiday, then you’re in for a treat. We’ve gathered a list of exciting, CV boosting and extracurricular things you can do this summer.  


is a cultural exchange platform. People from across the world advertise ‘jobs’ they have available and in exchange for your labor, you usually live and eat for free.

If you’re thinking ‘Why would I want to work for free?’ then hang on. Some of the jobs are absolutely brilliant, it’s a cheap opportunity to travel, you can experience new places, and you’re likely to meet people from all over the world.

Whether you want to spend your summer ‘socialising’ Norwegian husky puppies, harvesting organic vegetables in Hawaii, or help out with cooking in the Colombian mountains is up to you! The opportunities are endless.


Pay back those student loans..

Are you up to your eyes in debt? Do you have no idea how you’ll make it through next year’s admission fees, while still paying rent and keeping yourself fed?

If this is the case, then it might be a good idea to find a summer job. Gumtree is always packed with seasonal jobs, and if you walk through town you’re likely to see a whole load of A4 posters in store windows advertising for extra staff.

A summer internship is also a brilliant opportunity to boost your bank account, as long as they’re paid of course.


Summer internships

The summer is the perfect time to get ahead of your future competitors and fill your CV with bad-ass work experience!

Summer internships can help you decide what you do, and what you don’t want to do after uni. Come graduation, your employment chances are much higher if you’ve got a portfolio packed with industry experience.

Suss out a list of companies that you think could have your dream job and then keep an eye on their careers page. Ask your university careers service and make Google your new bff.


Europe by rail

If you’re keen to travel, but not keen on flying, then hop on a train and go see Europe.

You can buy Interrail tickets that allow you to travel by rail wherever you want, whenever you want ( as long as it’s in Europe).

Seeing a country by rail is a unique experience. On a train, there’s all the time in the world to take in the stunning views as you travel through the Alps, far north into Norway, or along the coast in Portugal.


Summer university

Sometimes you can get half the way through a degree before you realise that it isn’t exactly what you want to do. Instead of dropping out, living in misery for the last year or changing your course; take some bonus modules over the summer break.

If you’re doing A, but have found out you’d rather be doing B; summer university could be your saviour!

A lot of universities offer supplementary course for students over the summer, take the chance and learn something new! It’ll look great on your CV, and if you’re thinking of changing your career then some extracurricular modules might help you get a foot in the door.


Go on an adventure

There’s no time like summer to go on an adventure. Have you always wanted to drive the North Coast 500, cycle the whole length of Britain, walk through the Cairngorms, or kayak between the Western Isles? Do it!

The summer is meant for re- charging, and what better way is there than venturing out into the great British outdoors?


Last minute holidays

If you’re on a tight budget but just need a little bit of sunshine and a few reliable rays of vitamin D, then take advantage of your long summer holiday. Book a last minute getaway outwith the school holidays and enjoy a short retreat before you go back to long hours in the library and rainy days.

There’s nothing else to say but go make your own amazing plan, good luck wrapping up the semester, and have a great summer!


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At Storage Vault we offer safe, secure and easy self- storage solutions for students in and around Glasgow. If you’re in between flats, why not leave your utensils, pots & pans, and your road bike with us while you’re away making the most of your summer?

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