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Winter. For some of us it’s all about the build up to Christmas. We tend to forget about the long slog of the December term. Deadlines and January exams are soon upon us and once they’re over there’s no resting, as lectures creep back quicker than you can imagine. Battling the cold makes it all the worse.

Fortunately, it’s not all gloom, as now is the time to catch the last of the post Christmas sales. It’s unlikely too much thought is going to go into what you’re wearing for your 9am lecture (hoodie, winter coat, 2 pairs of socks?) but A/W 2015/16 fashion isn’t something that you will want to miss out on. Here’s what we at Student Wire suggest you treat yourself to with that newly acquired student loan to see you through the next couple of months and how to wear.


1. The ‘Victoriana’ trend is all about black, lace and high necklines. A bit like that gothic phase you never went through but more glamorous. Like all good trends, don’t do too much as to avoid looking like an extra from Peaky Blinders.

2. Other than black, you might have seen a lot more pink and red shades than this season usually would allow (Christmas jumpers excluded.) Gingers, like myself, may not be able to get on board with this one, unless especially daring but splurging on a pastel pink coat will brighten up those dark mornings. Stick to one pastel, unless you want to channel a packet of Love Hearts. Red comes in all shades. We suggest burgundy or a red velvet clutch bag. Halloween was in October and nobody wants to be mistaken for a devil.

3. A controversial choice is the Mary Jane shoe. Cute and chic, they might prove a good alternative and happy medium to your feet blistering heels or converse on a night out. Pick a daring, jazzy colour as to avoid the primary school teacher look.

4. Winter is a good season to step back in time. 2015/16 trends saw the return of both the 1970s and 80s. Last summer was all about the 70s and it is here to stay. Go for an autumnal rich dark colour palette or fringed attire. Nobody can go wrong with a patterned dress, tights and boots. 80s is a little more out there. Bright colours are back but maybe stick to this kind of silhouette for a themed night out.

5. The next one is a bit terrifying. Latex and PVC. Coloured PVC was big at the Marc Jacobs Winter shows of last year, but cheaper versions may look tacky. A good pleather skirt or leather boots will definitely work well unless you want to look like the Ann Summers Bargain bin threw up on you.

6. Velvet comes is a fashion that around most winters. Cheer yourself up and channel your Christmas party dress from 1999 (kinda) with a velvet bodycon dress. This is a great classic to invest in for years to come.

7. ‘Posh country’ has arrived in city and campus universities across the land. Tweed and plaid checks or dark coloured boucle jackets and skirts can be paired with your warm jumpers and tights. It’s not just about waxed country jackets though. Fur (faux of course) can add to any boho 70s look. Little dress, big fur – like Gwyneth before Goop, Royal Tenenbaum style will see you through the rest of the winter.

8. To finish, everyone loves a cardigan and there are many to be found in the sales from chunky cropped jacket styles to long wraparound knits. Another classic that should always be on standby is the turtleneck or funnel neck jumper. Suitable for every look, go quirky and pair with a pinafore or last summer’s mom jeans or sophisticated with a mini skirt. Plus a turtleneck and scarf gives that much needed extra insulation you’ll be needing until April (and maybe beyond.)


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