Tech Review: Venturer EliteWin – a unique 2-in-1 notebook

I always considered myself a Macbook user. Apple products were my thing, iphone, ipad, ipod – I couldn’t get enough. After my trustee Macbook pro of 3 years seemed to be on its last legs I decided to look elsewhere in the market.

This is when I came across the Venturer EliteWin, a unique 2-in-1 mini notebook.

The EliteWin is everything my Macbook wasn’t; speedy, light as a feather and with a battery life that lasted way longer than 30 minutes when not attached to a power source. And the best part, it was a fraction of the price!

To begin with I mainly used the notebook as a tablet on my travels, to and from university on the bus or on the long train journey home for the weekend. The detachable smart keyboard became ideal when I started to use it for uni work. Finally there was an alternative to my scrawled lecture notes that could have been written by a three year old. These days everybody types faster than he or she writes, a notebook is an essential revision source.

As I’d never used Windows 10 before I was slightly hesitant – I’m not the most technically advanced and often need help even turning desktops on. I was surprised how quickly I got used to the software, after so long of using safari not chrome. The Microsoft office software was essential for using it as a work tool.

At first I struggled to get my head around the detachable keyboard and assembling and reassembling it, but after the first few times (and some help), it became simple enough.

The 32GB of memory allows me to save everything and anything. I would consider myself a bit of a picture hoarder, which slowed my Macbook down hugely and definitely contributed to its dying days. With a HDMI output the notebook can easily be connected to a TV or speakers etc. The 11.6” screen is the perfect size in comparison to other tablets that are too small to utilize as a laptop.

Overall my experience with the Venturer EliteWin was highly positive and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to a fellow university student or someone looking for a cheaper yet quality alternative notebook.



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