8 in 10 millennials are cancelling plans to have an early night

Found yourself sheepishly declining nights out with friends recently, just to get in bed and catch up on your favourite sit-com?

You’re not alone; new research from Ergoflex has found that 82% of Britons aged 18-30 have regularly
cancelled plans with friends in favour of an early night. This is mainly because they either don’t feel like socialising, are too involved in a series or movie they’re watching or they simply craved a good night’s sleep. Something seemingly unheard of in previous student generations! What’s more, it was found that 9 in 10 millennials admit to eating in bed whereas just 1 in 10 31-45-year-olds have done this before. A somewhat shocking statistic, but I’m sure we’re all guilty of a snack or two during a Netflix binge…

Relevant participants were asked why they had cancelled plans with friends in order to spend the night in bed. The following five answers topped the list:

 1.        “I didn’t feel like socialising” – 27%
2.        “I wanted/needed a good night’s sleep” – 24%
3.        “I was watching TV/a movie” – 19%
4.       ” I’d gotten too comfortable” – 15%
5.        “I didn’t want a hangover” – 9%

Sound familiar?

All respondents were asked what time they get into bed, whether it be to sleep, read or watch TV. Researchers took all answers into account and found that 18 to 30-year-olds typically get into bed at 10:15pm on average whereas 31 to 45-year-olds typically get into bed 45 minutes later, on average, at 11pm. Since when did we get more boring than our parents?
In the younger group of participants, 9 in 10 of them (91%) admit to eating in bed, with over half (52%) revealing they do this ‘frequently’. Whether this is due to convenience or simply mindlessly snacking whilst watching a film, this percentage is definitely an eye-opener. On the other hand, just 11% of 31 to 45-year-olds said they eat in bed. Cue the ‘Kids these days!’ comments from our parents’ generation.  That being said, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying some home comforts instead of going out on a freezing November night…

A spokesperson for  Ergoflex commented:

 “It’s interesting that sleep has become so desirable for the millennial generation, with so many admitting to enjoying early nights over hitting the town. From something that we as children viewed as a punishment, it seems that staying in, swerving social occasions and enjoying an early night are now something to be aspired to. It’s clear that the appeal of home comforts and a great night’s sleep, not to mention a hangover-free morning, are sometimes just irresistible in today’s fast-paced society.”

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Molly Hare

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