8 Things New Students Should Know

There’s just a few months to go ‘til you pack up your stuff, say your goodbyes and start your university career. Before you go, you’ll need to know these 8 essential things — they’ll make your new student life a lot easier!

Budgeting is your friend

Nobody likes to budget but, as a student, you’ll learn that managing your money is your friend. Fail to do so and you could see your expenditure spiralling out of control. Work out how much you’ll spend on the essentials each month, including rent and food, and the amount you’ll have left over. Stick to your budget and try not to live beyond your means.

Last minute is never a good idea

It may seem like a good idea at first to leave your essays to the last minute but, as you’ll quickly discover, it’s not! As the deadlines and assignments mount up, it can become something of a balancing act to get everything done in time and receive a decent grade in the process. Managing your time effectively is the only option.

Go the extra mile

Going to University is a great way to develop your skills that could help shape your future career path. Remember that a degree alone isn’t enough, so use your weekends and study breaks to further your skills. Look for internships or volunteer work — they’ll give your CV a competitive edge.

Transport can be expensive

As you’ll learn, one of the biggest drains on your finances will be transport, so you’ll need to be smart to get around campus without breaking the bank. Consider walking or cycling, and use public transport instead of taxis. Some bus operators like Stagecoach offer student bus passes, which offer unlimited flexible travel for less.

Take advantage of your student status

One of the perks of being a student is the discounts you’ll have access to. An NUS card is a must. From cinema tickets, to discounts from retailers like Amazon and more, you’ll enjoy great savings so make the most of it during your time at uni — you’ll miss it once you leave!

Join a society

Joining a society will help you make friends and bulk up your social calendar. It’s a great choice if you’re moving away from home, as it’ll help you meet like-minded people and, depending on the society you choose, it could add some valuable skills to your CV – especially if you occupy a leadership role.

The importance of saving your work

Every student has been there — worked for hours in the library only to lose their work when their machine crashes. We can’t stress it enough: save, save and save again!

Ask for help

Whether you’re struggling with budgeting or snowed under a mountain of work, don’t be afraid to ask for help. You don’t have to worry or stress on your own — the university will have systems in place to help you wherever they can, so don’t hesitate to raise any concerns you may have.

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