8 ways to get festive with your flatmates

In case you haven’t already heard, Christmas is fast approaching. You’ve probably finished your last week of uni, and are winding down for the festive season. Assignments all handed in? Celebrate. Managed to add 200 words to that essay you were stuck on? Celebrate. Just want to get into the Christmas spirit that little bit more? Here’s our favourite ways to get festive with your flatmates before you all go your separate ways. After all, there’s nothing more heartbreaking than saying goodbye to your best mates for a month when you’ve been socialising 24/7 up until now. Take a look below…

The ultimate Christmas dinner

If you fancy yourselves as the next Jamie Oliver, round your flatmates up and cook your very own Christmas lunch. Make a list and chuck everything possible in your shopping trolley, then simply split the cost evenly (the quickest and fairest way for paying to work). And in the kitchen, the workload is actually spread quite well so you’re not stuck doing everything alone. Turn up the Christmas tunes and get festive…just make sure you work out all your timings and remember not to burn anything! Another good idea is to invest in loads of Christmas crackers too, because it’s not really possible to have a Christmas lunch without reading a bad cracker joke and wearing a wobbly paper crown. If you still have room for dessert afterwards, try sharer desserts like festive profiteroles, chocolate yule logs, cheesecake or ice cream. Be prepared to lay around in a food coma after you’ve eaten.

Christmas movie marathon 

If you’ve got a TV in your communal space, buy some cheap Christmas DVDs or bring them from home. Dedicate a whole day to just binge watching the festive films. Better still, Netflix is now releasing one Christmas film a day in the run up to the big day! Think of it as a media fueled advent calendar. So maybe watch one film per night when you’re all home from a long, hard day at uni…or if you’ve spent the day hungover. You could even give them your own star rating afterwards and take bets on which film will receive the highest rating by the end of the viewings. 

Decorate, decorate, decorate

And it doesn’t have to be expensive either. Places like Home Bargains have super cheap decorations; you can even buy miniature trees for as little as £2! Throw in some bargain tinsel, string lights, baubles and festive door signs, and you’re set up for Christmas decorating on a budget. You could even invest in some fake snow and frost spray for the windows to make your house or flat look extra cosy. Again, if you all just buy what you want then divide the cost up evenly between you all, the end result is actually quite cheap. 

Organise a festive night out 

Check your local events and ticket pages for any special festive events being held at your favourite clubs and venues. Tickets always sell out fast to end-of-the-year events like this, so make sure you’re quick. This will be one of the last chances you have to celebrate the end of the year with your flatmates before you all go home. You could even go that bit further by adding a slight ‘Christmas costume’ edge to your outfit. I’m not saying go to a club dressed as Rudolph, but you could always invest in a Santa hat, elf ears, sparkly glitter…or a red nose if you’re really stuck on the Rudolph idea. Also, be prepared for various remixes of ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ and ‘Rocking around the Christmas Tree’ whilst you’re on the dance floor. You’ll have a certified Mariah Carey voice by the end of the night (!)

Plan a classy Christmas meal and drinks 

If you and your housemates find yourselves in the very fortunate position of having some extra cash to splash at the end of the term, you could always go out for your Christmas meal instead of making it yourselves. Although you won’t have the fun of cooking with each other, you’ll still have the fun of dressing up with all the glitz and glamour that Christmas brings. Make it a classy affair and book a table at your favourite restaurant. Then head out for cocktails at the city’s best bars. Nothing wrong with living like a King or Queen for the night! 

Secret Santa on a budget

If you don’t fancy heading out into the freezing December nights (let’s face it, no one actually does enjoy going out in winter) then why not organise a secret Santa among yourselves? You can put a budget on it so that no one’s out of pocket. Then have fun going out in secret to buy novelty gifts, or something your mates have had their eyes on for a while. It’s a simple but cute way to round off the year’s first semester and to let your friends know that you appreciate them. Don’t worry about going overboard with themes; every little helps with this Christmas activity. 

Visit Christmas markets

Chances are, the city you’re living in for university is hosting some form of Christmas market. The perfect chance to do last minute gift shopping, enjoy festive food and drinks, and take cute photos with your pals. Christmas markets normally have rides or ferris wheels to go on too, so it’s not just all about standing around in the cold! Another branch off from the Christmas market visit is attending a local Christmas lights switch-on. Although these normally aren’t as popular as the markets, lights switch-ons are a cute way to explore you city. They normally allow for live music concerts too. Just make sure you wrap up warm and manage to get some good photos for lasting memories. 

Festive bake off

Everyone’s favourite two words: ‘festive baking’. What’s not to love about making cookies and cakes with your mates? Search the web for some simple recipes and split the cost of ingredients. Then have fun stumbling through the instructions together. Baking always works best when paired with Christmas music too! Get competitive by rating each other’s final products and announcing a winner. Then the best part…have cakes and biscuits for every meal for the next 3 days afterwards. 


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