A guide to a great New Year’s Eve

 No matter where and how you spend it, for many it’s the most hyped up night of year. After lazing around over Christmas, it’s time to get off the sofa and dressed up, and prepare ourselves for the countdown to midnight. But many people complain that New Year’s Eve is often a disappointment and overrated – here’s how to make sure you have the best night possible.


  1. Make travel plans


Many taxi companies will charge double or even triple fee on the night, so think of other ways to get to where you need to go. If a taxi is your only option, make sure to pre book as there will no doubt be a long wait if you try to call on the night. For those living in London, remember The Underground is free from 11.45pm to 4.30am so this should help greatly.


  1. Get your outfit early.


For those who always stress about what to wear, that stress is multiplied by a thousand when it comes to choosing a New Years Eve outfit. It’s the night when everyone takes the most photos and you want to look good for it. The shops shut early on New Year’s Eve so don’t have yourself running around like a headless chicken. If you’re ordering an outfit online, a lot of places wont do next day delivery so get your orders in before the 30th.


  1. It’s not where you spend it but who you spend it with


Of course you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve in some way, but this doesn’t mean you have to pay a fortune to go to an overpriced club when you could have as much fun somewhere else and for a lot cheaper. Go to your local pub or a cheap bar, or stay in and have a party at home. You finally have a student house where you wont have to ask your parents to have a party there, so make the most of it.


  1. Pace yourself


Many people get so excited for the night that they start opening beers at two o’clock in the afternoon. There’s nothing wrong with starting early, but make sure you don’t get so drunk that you’re not slurring your words by 9pm and don’t remember anything from then onwards. You don’t want to spend money on a ticket for an event and then get thrown out because you’re too drunk and have no where else to go.


  1. Look forward and not back


When you enter 2016 at midnight, it isn’t the time to drunkenly list all the things that aren’t perfect in your life and send your friends into an emotional melt down with you. 2015 is over now and it’s time for a new start. Think of all the things you have to celebrate in 2016, whether it be graduating, or going on holiday or to a festival. We all have something to look forward to.


There’s lots of bad things about New Year’s Eve, including overpriced drinks , overcrowded bars and looking around during the countdown realising you have no one to kiss at midnight. But whether you’re at home or staying in, remember even if you don’t have the most amazing time, 2016 is here and that’s enough to celebrate in itself. You probably wont remember most of the night anyway.


Photo Credit: .Martin. via Compfight cc

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