A student’s guide to Amsterdam

With three major universities and a large student population, Amsterdam is definitely one of the best destinations in Western Europe for college students. To help you get settled down and experience the capital of Netherlands in the best way possible, we’ve created the ultimate student’s guide to Amsterdam.


Getting around the city

Although there are trams and buses in the city, the easiest way to get around Amsterdam is by biking. You won’t have much trouble finding a second-hand bike here and there is also the option of renting a decent ride. Trams and buses in the city run until 1 am, but keep in mind that monthly passes for these rides are known to be on the expensive side.


Exploring Amsterdam’s parks

There is no shortage of fun things to do in Amsterdam and exploring the city’s parks is one of them. Head out to Vondelpark, the most popular and largest park in Amsterdam. This 110-acre park boasts everything from picturesque walking paths and ponds to manicured gardens and grassy lawns where you can make a picnic. Located in front of the Van Gogh Museum, Museumplein is also a nice park where you can take a break from visiting the nearby museums. There is also the lovely Sarphatipark which is located right next to the largest market in the city, Albert Cuypmarkt.


Cool museums in Amsterdam

You’ve probably learned about Anne Frank in school and there is an extraordinary museum dedicated to Anne right here in Amsterdam. You should definitely purchase your ticket in advance, as the queue for this museum is usually long. Shaped like a bathtub, Stedelijk Museum is a magnificent modern art museum that’s also worth visiting. Students who are into photography will want to visit the Huis Marseilles Photography Museum and the FOAM Photography Museum.


Markets in Amsterdam


Did you know that Amsterdam is home to the largest market in Europe? Located in the Pijo neighborhood, the popular Albert Cuypmarkt is a place where you will find everything from art and trinkets to clothes and food. Pay a visit to the Noordermark in the Jordaan for fresh produce and food. If you like flea markets, IJ-Hallen flea market should also be included on your list of places to see in Amsterdam. For a rather unique experience, make sure to check out the Amsterdam Flower Market which is the only floating flower market on the planet. It’s famous for tulips!

Amsterdam’s food and drink on a budget

Besides being home to many elegant dining establishments, Amsterdam offers a number of places that cook up delicious and reasonably priced food. Here are our top recommendations:

  • Maoz Falafel: Tasty Falafel sandwiches and salads. Plenty of vegetarian/vegan options on the menu.
  • Haring Stands: A local’s favorite, Dutch haring. You can order it on a sandwich, raw, or pickled. 
  • Little Saigon: Delicious Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwiches for less than 5 euro near Centraal Station. They accept credit cards.
  • Bazar Amsterdam: A Mediterranean restaurant with a tasteful interior and a huge menu. Expect to pay around 8 euro for a meal here.

Final thoughts

From excellent study programmes to vibrant nightlife, Amsterdam is an ideal destination for students who wish to study abroad. We hope that our student guide will help you get to know the city and keep you entertained.



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