A Year as Editor…

Student Wire is recruiting a new editor; do you think you’ve got what it takes?

The industry is a tough place to build yourself and get recognised in. Nowadays, it isn’t about who got what in that degree, but about the experience you have gained along the way, which is where the competition starts.

Student Wire is in its sixth year, and is written by students, for students. We are a unique online magazine, which provide lively, relevant and credible features and news about the ups and downs of student life. We offer 
elp, advice and tips for students attending – or thinking about – university. With a confirmed readership of more than 80,000 students, and a big online following too, Student Wire is quickly becoming the hottest place to discover all there is the know about student life. Having the opportunity to work, learn and grow with Student Wire and Prohibition PR agency has helped introduce me to the nature of the PR/Journalism industry. Gaining knowledge and experience first hand has helped me prepare myself for finishing my studies and how to use the skills to build myself as a brand for the future.

Being the editor of Student Wire will open up so many opportunities for you. I’ve been able to network, and build contacts with organisations and individuals. A yearlong placement will also help you develop your writing and organisational skills, whilst working alongside company senior directors for guidance and support. There are so many perks that come with the job role, from commission to freebies, alongside the knowledge your gaining. For just 1 day a week in a PR agency office, you’re able to immerse yourself in the world of Journalism first hand and begin to build and develop yourself for the industry, whilst surrounded by people who are constantly helping to push you.


Whilst managing more than 30 student journalist writers across the UK, you’ll also be planning forthcoming editorial content, whilst writing and editing interesting articles. You’ll manage, grow and develop our social media channels and create social media content plans to help develop your planning strategies.


To apply for this role please email your CV and covering letter to studentwire@prohibitionpr.co.uk.

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Student Wire Editor. Second Year PR and Journalism student in Leeds. Big lover of tea and travelling. Instagram: @ejtblogging

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