About our writers

Fancy yourself as a budding journalist? Think you’ve got what it takes to be a writer? Then we need you as part of the Student Wire team!

Want to stand out from your peers and have real life experience of writing for one of the most successful student magazines around, look no further. Impress future employees with this on your CV and have content to spare for your portfolio.

If you’ve got an interest in journalism, a great writing ability and a keen eye for spotting stories get in touch. Email us at contact@studentwire.co.uk telling us a little bit about yourself and what you like to write about, with an example of something you’d like published. Remember you must be a student.

If you have a news story that is of interest to students feel free to email us at news@studentwire.co.uk. We also offer sponsored articles and banner advertising for those who aren’t students looking to tap into our growing audience, you can find that info here in our advertising prices – these are used to cover our costs as a voluntary magazine.

Check out some of our team below:


Bethany Welsh 

Twitter: @bethwelshy

Email: beffwelsh@hotmail.co.uk

Website: http://beffwelsh.wixsite.com/lifeblog

“English and Creative Writing student in Leeds. Possibly the loudest person you’d ever meet.”


Emma Tarabay

Twitter: @emmajaneaneece

Email: emma@studentwire.co.uk

Website: http://emmatarabay.wixsite.com/ejtlife

“Great lover of tea and travelling.”


Hayley Scott

Twitter: @HayleyR_Scott

Email: hayleyrachelscott@gmail.com

“Just a multimedia journalism student who one day hopes to become a travel writer and experience new cultures, countries and cocktails.”


Alice Broster

Twitter: @alicebroster1

Email: ajbroster94@gmail.com

Website: https://ajbrosterblog.wordpress.com/

“Magazine Journalism student in Sheffield. Coffee addict, instagramaholic and aspiring cat lady.”