Album Review: Justin bieber – Purpose: The Movement

Is it just me or has the World gone crazy for Justin Bieber? Songs from his new album have swarmed the charts and it doesn’t seem like they’re leaving anytime soon. 

Purpose: The Movement is a step up for Bieber. Previous hits such as Baby and One Time faced much scrutiny from those who didn’t believe in the singer/songwriter’s talent. However, even Bieber’s biggest critics seem to have good things to say about this album. 

It all started with What do you mean?. Justin’s first release in a few years had a huge social media build up with the hashtag What do you mean?  going viral all over the internet – much like anything Bieber does. 

The song was certainly worth the wait and Belieber’s all over the world cried uncontrollably that the love of their lives was finally back. To go with this relaunch, Justin sported a new haircut. A more questionable bleach blonde was the 21 year olds look of choice for his latest album release. 

Songs to skip to on the album are the catchy What do you mean? and Sorry to ease yourself in with the ones you know. I’ll show you takes a more emotional turn and if you watch the video you get to see Justin rolling around on a hill and in a lake in his underwear – well worth the watch. Everyone’s favourite Love yourself  is sure to be stuck in your head for the foreseeable future and soon enough you’ll know every single word to that more than catchy chorus. The album also features that old favourite Where are U now? from Justin, Skrillex and Diplo. Company and Children are others to listen out for. 

You can also watch the video’s for most songs on the album already. Belieber’s may find themselves at a loss that Justin himself doesn’t appear in some of these short films. Perhaps this shows Justin does have a modest side after all. 

My advice for those of you that would never before consider yourself a Justin fan is to give the album a listen. I’m almost certain you’ll fall in love just as much as I did. 

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