Alcohol limits: Drinking Responsibly

ID-1001695Students are known for many things: being lazy, eating a lot of beans/noodles, going out, having parties and the big one, drinking. Drinking alcohol is a massive part of student life and one aspect of the lifestyle that is extremely hard to avoid. As a result, there can be some serious consequences from drinking too much and binge drinking. Drinking too much alcohol can cause a wide range of physical damage and may even cause psychological harm. According to an online survey 59% of students have experienced memory loss after a night out binge drinking, 37% have not known how they got home and 33% have experienced some form of injury. Not only that but too much alcohol can lead to weight gain, headaches, raised blood pressure or even premature aging. To help reduce these effects students need to start drinking more responsibly. Here are some helpful tips on how to drink responsibly through your time at university:


Don’t drink on an empty stomach

You are more likely to feel the effects of alcohol faster if you drink on an empty stomach. Try eating a good-sized meal before you go out to help prepare your stomach and reduce the chances of being sick.


Know your limits

You need to know your own limits, as everyone is different and people can tolerate more than others. So before you start going out, you need to know yourself and your own limits. Don’t forget the whole point of drinking is to enjoy the drink and the company around you.


Stay hydrated

Alcohol dehydrates you and draws vitamins and minerals out of your body. So in-between drinks have a glass of water to pace yourself and keep your body properly hydrated, this can also help reduce the chances of a hangover. Plus water is FREE from bars and clubs, so guzzle up!


Pace yourself

It’s important to keep a steady pace when out. Many students become easily influenced by others and friends but it’s important that you leave time for alcohol to take its effect. If you do start feeling drunk, drink some water or even have a snack.


If you’ve had a heavy drinking session, hangover or not, doctors advise after a night out it takes your body 48 hours to repair and give your body tissues time to recover. So give your body a rest and stay in with some friends as an alternative to a night out. One major myth is that drinking more gets rid of a hangover where in fact drinking in the morning is a risky habit, as you may just be delaying the symptoms until the alcohol wears off again. So next time you’re out drink responsibly and keep an eye out for your friends.


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