Are there actually jobs after University?

Getting a Job - discpictureWhy bother going to University? I mean what actually is the point? Fees are on the rise and job opportunities are falling! So why should young people dive into debt and go to University? Though job opportunities are bleak at the moment that shouldn’t deter anyone from going to University and gaining a degree; what sort of character would you build, or experiences would you gain if life was easy? Or if the second you were handed your degree you were also handed a job? In life you need to realise you can’t run before you can walk and you need to start at the bottom…. no matter how low that is.

Firstly you need to know that there are a lot of people in the same position as you and therefore a lot of people going after the same jobs as you, however do not become downhearted by this fact. All this means is that you need to make yourself stand out! Not only does this mean achieving good grades at University but also gaining as much work experience as possible. If you are charismatic, enthusiastic, have a good degree and come with a bucket load of experience, then what is to stop you from getting that coveted  job?

Though the real world seems pretty bleak and dark sometimes, there are shining examples of graduates who have worked hard and achieved the roles that they want. Personally I know doctors, journalists, marketing graduates who have all worked hard and got jobs in their fields; a friend of mine have received jobs on newspapers and in broadcasting! This does not mean that they have reached their dream job with a corner office and a personal assistant! This means they have their foot in the door to the rest of their lives and though their university career has ended it doesn’t mean the hard work has.

I often hear people talk about how they no longer want to go into the profession that their degree is training them for and my response is simple – though you might not want that job, your degree is teaching you so much more and in return showing employers that you have gained much more than just a certificate! You gain different skills throughout University that you will use no matter what job you take. Presentation skills, speaking in public, working in groups and individually, becoming a leader or working beneath others. It also shows employers that you can dedicate yourself to a high level of independent learning, that you are responsible and hard working.

Hopefully you will be able to get a job in the field you wish, even if you have to start at the bottom and work your way up! You may have to take on unpaid work experience and be the coffee person for a while, but you must remember that it’s about playing the long game and rewards and results will come later! Your dream job is out there; it might be difficult to obtain but nobody said it would be easy. Anyway, if it was too easy – would it really be as fun?

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