Are you making the most of your time at University?

модель человекаWhat better way to make new friends and make the most of your time at university than joining clubs and societies? As a keen, active fresher myself last year, Septembers fair was a haven of opportunity to me. With so many broad and exciting options stood in front of me, the big question was where to start!

As a second year Public Relations and Marketing student, I’m kept on my toes involving myself and competing for a range of sporting and business clubs and societies. University societies not only enhance your CV to give you that edge over others, but provide opportunities to compete and travel the country or further afield and to meet like-minded individuals where lifelong friendships stem from.

Leeds Metropolitan University is renowned for its sporting excellence, offering great facilities and a wide range of clubs and teams to get involved in, no matter what level right from Ultimate Frisbee to Rowing. Intermural leagues and varsity are all competitions in which sports teams can get involved.

Joining a society, whether it be sports, business or language will provide no end of benefits to you, your social life and your path of personal development through your time at University.

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