Auxiliary Leeds is helping student and upcoming DJ’s break onto the scene!

The city of Leeds has always been known for its vast amount of house music events, with big names playing every night of the week to crowds from all three universities and beyond. Its quickly established itself as a hub for fans of the genre, and also attracts up and coming DJ’s from across the UK to study and also to find their big break. In such a heavily saturated industry, it can be hard for young DJ’s to find their voice amongst the masses, let alone have a chance to play to the public. Auxiliary Leeds wants to change that. Set up by two Leeds Met students and the owner of the bass label In:Flux Audio, Auxiliary’s vision is to help homegrown talent from the genre establish a base and also have a chance to gain some experience, all within a relaxed and social setting. Every month, five different DJ’s from UK-wide labels come together under the roof of Distrkt Bar to play to fans; but also to network with producers, label owners and other musicians.


This isn’t a typical club night where the queue is out the door and there’s sweat dripping off the ceiling, its much more niche. Therefore each monthly collection of hand picked talent can use this night as a valuable stepping-stone onto the scene, and can forge relationships with people from the industry, to further their career. This isn’t an open-deck night however, as DJ’s go through a screening process with the organizers of the event, so is strictly for committed acts who are serious about what they do.


Leeds University student Kit McBride who played at the launch night of Auxiliary commented on how the event has helped further his success “The Leeds club scene was incredibly competitive when I moved to university, and Auxiliary has provided the avenue I was looking for”. Although Auxiliary has a main focus on up and coming DJ’s, some big labels from the industry have come on board and really shown their support. Names such as Slipstone Records, Bigger Than Barry, Less Is More & King Size Recordings. All who are no strangers to the Leeds Music Scene.


The venue is intimate and the atmosphere is unlike any other house night in the city, you almost feel like you’re at an exclusive house party. The launch night had an incredible turn out and the second event (Thursday 27th November) is set to smash that out of the park. With DJs such as Dowker, Kesper, Modec, Cateran B2B with Nabis & Kesper…it’s the biggest line up so far. So if house music is your thing, and you fancy a different breed of Thursday nights, come on down….it’s also free entry might I add! The event starts at 9:30pm with doors closing at 2am, arrive early to avoid disappointment.



Finally, if you are a DJ (from anywhere in the UK) and interested in playing at the event, or even just coming along to see what it’s about, feel free to contact the team at or catch them on Facebook.

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