Barcelona- The best team ever?

On Tuesday night we witnessed a truly professional performance from one of the best teams the world has ever seen. They were sharp, easy on the eye and gave a real sense of satisfaction to the way they play football. Even as an Arsenal fan I was truly humbled that my team I have followed all my life could be on the same pitch as such marvellous opposition. Barcelona have it all. The complete team.

An unbeatable front 3 of Messi, Neymar and Suarez (MSN) have notched up a cool 93 goals this season in all competitions. A truly remarkable statistic. The Catalan side showed endeavour and strong character also to come to North London and blow the opposition out the water with fine passing movement and truly clinical results. The two away goals now for Barcelona has virtually won the tie with Arsène Wenger even commenting on there being a “95% possibility” of Barcelona proceeding to the Quarter finals.

I don’t even personally feel that Arsenal played badly; but when up against such fine opposition it is a formality that they will get chances, and if Barcelona get chances, they are going to bury them.


Lionel Messi is a player of his own calibre; a magician. We will never see another player like him, he has a style all to himself and I highly regard him as the best player I have ever watched and perhaps ever will, a devastating finish and penalty the other night rounded off a quiet but quite excellent performance from the little Argentine.  

 Luis Suarez is another player of undoubted quality. Despite not scoring on Tuesday night he was involved in lots of interplay and came very close several times. With 41 goals already this season he is proving far too hot to handle and is seemingly worth every penny on the £75m that Barcelona splashed out for him. It is good to  be talking about football with Suarez as we all know how good a player he is and what a majestic talent he can be.


Neymar on Barcelona’s left flank is also a player I enjoy tremendously, every trick in the book, every ounce of skill one could ever imagine; and at only 24 what a prospect he could be, it is a frightening thought of what this individual can be capable of.

The team is dripping with ability and I feel it is the greatest team I have ever known in Football. I may speak with an inexperienced tongue being only 19 years old. Perhaps I could be criticised for ignoring Brazil’s 1970 superstars or even disregarding Barça’s team of 2010 who seemed to be unplayable at times. 

But of the modern generation I have seen no team with such creativity or raw ability and flair than that of this illustrious Barcelona side, and if this team goes on to retain the Champions League; something which has never been done before it will be staring us the face.

Thank you for your time.




Photo Credit: alexizor via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Marc Puig i Pérez via Compfight cc

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    Fine assessment, Max…..even more admirable from the Arsenal corner.
    I hope that the London Team retain composure in the next match.
    Best of Luck

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