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Australia is not only one of the top favourite tourist destinations, but also a country where many foreign students decide to attend universities. Its cities are included among the best university centres in the world with regard to knowledge and living standards.

Namely, every third student comes from abroad. Australia attracts almost 300,000 foreign students a year primarily from India, China, Korea, Malaysia, and Vietnam. However, young people from other parts of the world also consider Australia as one of the most desirable study destinations.

Below are some of the best cities in Australia for international students to study and live. They are also the cities most usually included in ranking lists like QS Best Student Cities 2017.

  • Melbourne

Melbourne is the cultural capital of Australia with an offer of everything a young person would need. It has a rich cultural life with festivals and events dedicated to art, music, sports, and nature. Seven of its universities are famous for high international rankings. Their multicultural exchange is often mentioned as one of the best parts of the student life in Melbourne.


Beaches are another plus side of student life in Melbourne. Students spend their leisure time there to relax and learn how to surf, which is one of the most famous sports in Australia. Its high living standards may seem expensive, but also they made Melbourne one of the most sought out locations to study in Australia.  

  • Canberra

Canberra is the capital of Australia and as such has a large international student population. Australian National University is the highest ranked in the country and the world. Even though Canberra is not located on the seaside, it still attracts students from all over the world as well as tourists.


But instead of the ocean, Canberra has a man-made Lake Burley Griffin in the city centre. This is a perfect place to have a picnic, for sailing or fishing, as well as for studying alone or in groups. Additionally, Canberra Nature Park is a great place to enjoy fresh air, hiking, and amazing landscapes.

  • Sydney

Probably the most famous Australian city in the world, Sydney is the most desirable location for those wanting to move to the land Down Under. Beaches and green areas make it a perfect example of urban architecture harmony with amazing landscapes. You can visit Royal National Park or experience the spectacular beauty of wilderness areas on guided Blue Mountains tours, even though you’re in one of the most urban cities in the world.


Although the city famous for its high living standard, Sydney is still the most desirable choice because of its cultural heritage and offer. It has five universities with the highest number of international students who come from all over the world. However, there is one more thing that makes it a desirable destination and that’s the fact that it has a high employer activity score. This means that after graduation, people will more easily find work.

  • Brisbane

Brisbane is often described as one of the friendliest places in Australia. With three major universities and the perfect mix of sunny climate and inviting nightlife, this is up-and-coming study destination. Arts scene is quite developed and the city offers interesting programs in galleries and museums.

Brisbane students

With available storage units, every student can place their things while looking for lodging and accommodation. And that is something Brisbane has to offer in all sorts of varieties. You can find a roommate and rent an apartment in a more expensive city centre. Or, you can choose an apartment among the suburban offer, which is perfect for those needing peace and quiet to study.

  • Adelaide

Adelaide is the city with attractive features like parklands and wide boulevards located in Southern Australia. In 2011, 2012 and 2013 it was ranked as the most liveable Australian city by the Property Council of Australia.

Adelaide Australia

It has three public, one private and three colleges of foreign universities. The University of Adelaide is among the top 150 global universities and the third oldest in Australia. With beaches and hillsides, it has a lot to offer from sports to leisure activities to its citizens and visitors. Wildlife watching and hiking are the favourite activities of the Adelaide Hills.

  • Perth

The most isolated city in Australia is Perth on the Western coast. Still, being so far away from Sydney didn’t make it any less desirable. It has three high ranking universities among which the University of Western Australia is one of the most respected in the world.  

Perth Australia students

There is a lot to see in Perth and Western Australia. With so many nature reserves and marine parks, it’s practically impossible to see the wildlife every international student expects to see. With fantastic culinary offer and numerous cultural activities, Perth is also an ideal lifestyle destination.

  • Lastly

If you’ve decided to study in Australia, you will experience not only wonderful student life but also gorgeous natural landscapes. The mix of international students and gorgeous culture offer a unique life to anyone desiring to study in Australia. It is a wonderful opportunity for all looking for something different and valuable to gain in their lives.

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