Best festival accessories for 2018

Got a little extra cash to splash? Still need some vital extras to add to your festival packing? Read on to find out our favourite festival/camping accessories for 2018; they’re sure to both turn heads and help you out of some sticky situations!

Klean Kanteen Insulated Classic bottle 

This stainless steel reusable bottle is a festival essential.  It’s the perfect way to keep your water ice-cold in the summer heat, or your coffee super hot if you need that extra buzz whilst trekking through the fields. Klean Kanteen comes in a range of sizes, as well as a brand new colour palette including ten vibrant colour choices…enough to match any quirky festival outfit! Each product comes with chip-resistant Klean Coat protection which provides longevity and colour protection too. The lid also features a handy loop hook which can easily be attached to backpacks or belt loops. 

My favourite aspect of the bottle has to be that it’s completely reusable and BPA free! So not only is it long lasting and able to take on the knocks and bumps of a music festival, but in buying this water bottle, you’re really doing your bit for the environment. If more people used Klean Kanteen, the amount of plastic bottles bought and left at music festivals or camping sites would significantly decrease, saving both money and helping the environment.

Get involved: buy it from the Klean Kanteen website, or Amazon. 

Herschel Supply Co: The Fifteen Bumbag 

Bumbags are practical, secure and fashionable; it’s no wonder that they’re festival wardrobe staples. This one is certainly no exception. The Herschel supply unisex bumbag in black is a great accessory to any outfit, and it’s already a seriously popular brand among students as they also sell backpacks. It features an adjustable buckled strap which provides both comfort and security, as well as gold-toned metalwork on the zip fastening which makes this bag stand out from the rest. Unzip it, and you’ll find a retro red and white pinstriped lining to add a splash of colour…the product’s best kept secret in my opinion! 

The two inch depth of the bag means it’s big enough to hold essential items such as phones and wallets, but also small enough so that it’s not obtrusive. Lightweight, durable and totally in-style, I would highly recommend this bumbag for festival and holiday-goers this year! 

Find it on the Selfridges website.

VonHaus 4-in-1 Dynamo Torch

One for all you campers out there! VonHaus has provided a quality product for a brilliant price, giving similar products on the market a run for their money. The 4-in-1 features include a bright LED spotlight torch, an emergency USB charging port, an LED lantern and a red LED ‘SOS’ beacon. 

The dynamo charged battery means limitless power; for every minute of cranking, up to 15 minutes of usage time results. The handle is smooth and comfortable to hold, and the product itself it so surprisingly light! There’s no fear of it weighing down your backpack. The light functions are all controlled by one button, so you will find yourself having to cycle through all the options before you find the one you need, and turn the light off. That being said, the quality and variety of functions in this one product really does make up for this minor hindrance. The lantern features both a regular and mini USB port too, which is perfect for when you find your phone may have died just when you need it. Overall, this product is everything you need, whether for a festival or camping holiday; lightweight, brilliant quality and for the affordable price of £12.99. 

Purchase it from Domu, Amazon, or Tesco Direct

BrightSounds 2 by Lava: 3-in-1 speaker

Brilliantly constructed for outdoor living, this 3-in-1 speaker will impress your mates and turn heads in any setting. Along with 100ft of Bluetooth range for the for the well-balanced audio, the product also consists of an LED lantern with a dimming function, which is sure to suit the mood of any camping trip, festival, or barbecue get-together. The third function is the powerbank, allowing you to charge phones, tablets or reading devices even in the most remote locations. I personally love the fact that this speaker has a 36 hour battery life, making it ideal for entertainment on a weekend away!

The speaker is also reassuringly robust; arguably the most important feature if you’re planning on using it outside. It features a polymer shell, which could certainly survive the knocks and bumps of a festival. In addition to this, there’s no fear of getting caught in the rain with this product as it’s waterproof! The leatherette carry handle is practical and hard wearing, and adds a slightly retro-feel to the already colourful exterior. On ordering you have the choice of five colours to make the product that bit more personal too. 

High quality audio with a fun eye-catching aesthetic: what’s not to love? Buy from Lava or Amazon

Lifeprint: photo and video printer 

This magic piece of tech makes storing, printing, editing, and sharing your festival photos and videos both simple and quirky. Fun and easy to use, the Lifeprint printing device is no bigger than a regular mobile, and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. From this, download the Lifeprint app from your appstore and you can print and edit photos or videos from your library, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media. An added bonus: the printer uses ‘Zink’, or ‘zero-ink’ due to the thermal nature of the photo paper, meaning no expensive ink refills!

You may have clicked that we’ve said you can print videos. No, you’re not mistaken! Lifeprint’s augmented reality hyper photos allow photos to magically come to life right in front of you. Choose a snapshot from a video to be printed, and then hover over the photo with using the app’s camera, and the video starts playing on your phone! This is what makes this product the perfect choice for those festival memories you want to relive again and again. Not to mention you’ll look pretty cool showing this sleek and transportable printer to your friends. 

I love how Lifeprint is not just an app or a printer, it’s representative of a global community too. You can share and upload your memories to the Lifeprint app for other users to enjoy, fitting in perfectly with contemporary society’s way of life. 

Buy it from Lifeprint or Amazon

Vonhaus Camping Folding Cart 

Vonhaus have done it again; practical, reliable and affordable festival or camping equipment! This time it’s their camping folding cart that’s stolen the limelight. With no assembly required, it’s ideal for popping in the back of the car, to swiftly open up when needed. The resilient wheels are a fantastic over uneven ground, minimizing the chance of the contents being knocked around in transit.  No unnecessary journeys back and forth to your festival camping area when you can fit all your belongings safely in this hard wearing cart. The consetina-style steel frame holds a PVC fabric liner which can carry up to 70kg worth of luggage! 

The product also comes with a handy velcro and zip cover to protect the cart from dust, dirt and general wear-and-tear when it’s not being used. 

Well designed and budget-friendly, find it on the Domu website or Amazon


Chipolo is small, resilient, electronic belongings-finder; a great addition to your life if you find yourself becoming forgetful! Attach the affordable Chipolo Classic disc to your keys, or pop the Chipolo Card in your wallet or purse, activate the app, and find those belongings that you’re always misplacing! 

Chipolo works with the iOS and Android compatible app (available for free), and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. The setup was simple to understand and a lot quicker than I thought it would be; it took about 15 seconds. Having tested the product it’s fair to say that you can definitely hear the device ringing from a fair distance away. This would be ideal in a camping situation if you misplace keys amongst the tents and wilderness! The product also works to find your phone as well; you can ring your phone from the Chipolo device even if your mobile is on silent, something that would ultimately work best in a busy festival setting. Even better, the app works with your location to bring you a map view of where your belongings were last located.  A community search feature can also send out an anonymous notification to the Chipolo community, alerting users to look out for your lost Chipolo. If another Chipolo comes near the lost item, the new location is sent to the owner, without the finder even knowing that anything happened!

Buy it from Chipolo or Amazon. 

JAM Heavy Metal speaker

Need a well-made, attractive and clear audio speaker that does exactly what it says on the tin? Then look no further than the JAM Heavy Metal speaker. This no-gimmicks-attached speaker is what every camping trip needs to keep the entertainment flowing. 

Scoring 5 stars in ‘What Hi-Fi?’ magazine’s review, it’s no wonder that this speaker is so popular. The speaker connects either via Bluetooth or with the aux-in cord, and provides massive sound from a reasonably small product. Bold, clear-cut audio with exceptionally strong bass quality, this is the speaker that will impress your festival gang this year. The well-balanced sound is continuous throughout all genres of music, so there’s no bias towards just electronic songs featuring strong bass. The product is made of aluminum, meaning it’s cool both to the touch and aesthetic-wise. The fact that it’s metal means it’s reassuringly weighty, but not heavy enough to drag down a backpack whilst trekking through festival grounds. The top of the wrap features six simple buttons, to turn on/off, skip songs or change volume. All are easy to understand and use.

For me, this is the best speaker I’ve ever owned; it’s sleek design and elegant finish looks amazing, the sound quality is second to none and there’s no extra unnecessary features.  Worth every penny, purchase it from JAM or Amazon.



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