How to be the best Secret Santa

As well as being fun at Christmas, Secret Santa can be tricky. For a start, you want to be thoughtful and get them a gift that really shows you’ve made the effort. Secondly, you want it to be funny, it is light-hearted after all. Although not too funny if they are a colleague or manager, as you don’t really know their sense of humour that well and don’t want to make a bad impression. So basically; something thoughtful, something funny and something that costs under £15. Here are a few ideas:

Play it safe:  A lush set

For girls, lush sets are always a winner. You can buy gift sets from £7.95 or little “stocking fillers” from around £3 and they smell wonderful. Don’t go overboard, no one likes the old “do you think I smell?” response – but Lush is always a safe option if you want to impress, get them something useful and show-off with your gift wrapping skills (although they will probably know that all gift sets are pre-wrapped, but it saves you a job!)dogsanta

Explore more at

For an old friend: A personalised calendar

Funny, thoughtful, kind of cheeky and full of sentiment – this one ticks all the right boxes.

Vista Print allows you to create your own calendar (style to suit you) online and add in a different photograph for each month. So if you’ve got a million and one photos they would rather forget, why not publicise them for all to see? Or if you want to be really cheeky, a calendar full of pictures of yourself is always a way to make someone laugh. Although, we’re not sure it’d get used much.

Prices start at £3 so it’d be perfect as a little extra to show you’ve put some effort in.

Go for humour: has a HUGE range of funny present ideas – we couldn’t decide on just the one. So whether you want to get them a themed mug, a box of chocolates that’s really a jigsaw or a practical (and very cute) hand warmer this website will definitely give you the inspiration you need. There are prices to suit everyone and gifts to suit everyone’s personality.

And another one:

With gifts all under £10, is also worth a look. They offer inflatable Zimmer frames (be careful who you buy this for!), a hangover cure kit (always useful around Christmas) and a Ryan Gosling tea towel (girls will appreciate this!)

A personal favourite, is the “Procrastinator Timewaster” perfect for that mate who is the ULTIMATE timewaster. There are 1000 trivial activities and it even disguises as a calculator for when they have to look like they’re actually doing something.

Take a chance: A Scratch Card

So it might not be the most imaginative present that’s ever been invented, but a £1 scratch card, a lottery ticket or a bet on something completely ridiculous could be the best present they’ve ever had. It definitely will not be the worst…
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