Beyoncé and Jay Z tour the States

The whistle stop tour of the most powerful couple in the music business is set to kick off on the 25th June in Miami and close on the 5th August in San Francisco with $1 from every ticket donated to the Shawn Carter Foundation. The fact that the On the Run tour is only in America is sure to disappoint a lot of UK fans, myself included!

The Shawn Carter Foundation was set up by Jay Z and his Mother, Gloria Carter, providing scholarships to students in America who would otherwise struggle to put themselves through higher education. We are pretty lucky in the UK, with Student Finance here to help, to some extent, for the 3 or more years that we are due to spend in higher education and allowing us a healthy amount of time get our act together in order to pay it back.

The power duo is worth a net total of $900 million, earning $95 million last year alone. In hindsight $1 per ticket doesn’t seem that much especially when Beyoncé was earning $2 million a night from her Mrs Carter tour. Although, when you think of the fan base that each of them have alone they are set to make a huge donation to the charity to continue putting our fellow students across the sea through university, those dollars start to add up.

After Jay Z’s most recent tour with Kanye West, the On the Run tour is set to make an epic experience for those lucky enough to get a ticket. The Watch the Throne tour had stops all over the world and saw N****s in Paris played 13 times in one show, no doubt that Mr and Mrs Carter will be just as bold when it comes to their performance.

For all you festival goers, the announcement of the tour has put to rest any rumours of the pair headlining Glastonbury as one of the tour dates clashes with the festival. Fingers crossed they decide to bring On the Run to the UK. However unlikely, one can dream.


Photo credit: DWNews Recent Celeb Gallery via Flickr

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