Bottoms Up – a fun gift you can all enjoy!

So you’re half way through dissertation hell and you lost the will to live long ago. All you want to do is run away, hide and drink a bottle of wine (or vodka).

The dissertation filled days feel like years and you find yourself waking up in the night thinking of theorists. You’re not afraid to admit that crying in the middle of the library is the norm.

It’s important to remember, that yes, getting work done is essential but so is having alcohol fueled fun – your student days are numbered after all.

Now that you’re committed to getting drunk (the suggestion was enough to persuade you) you need to stop and think about the revolution hitting the shelves that is an Upside down wine glass. How have you lived your life without one?

Astonish your friends as your wine appears to suspend in the air. The 750ml glass takes a whole bottle of wine – if the upside down idea didn’t appeal to you, we’ve got your attention now haven’t we?

You’ll be the centre of attention with all of your friends wanting a sip from this extravagant design. What better way to round off a hard day in the library than an extremely large glass of wine?

Just remember, it’s all fun and games until the next morning.

Get your own here from Liberty Trading a fun gift and gadget site.

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Sinead Morrissey

"Professional napper with a love of all things fashion and beauty. Easily bribed with a bag of Doritos."

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