Okay guys, it’s time to stop branding women as ‘homewreckers’

Every single time there’s a celebrity breakup, media outlets (I’m looking at you, Daily Mail), Twitter, Instagram, and all other forms of social media become full of articles and comments from people who know nothing about the situation all saying the same thing: “I bet it’s because he was talking to so and so, what a home wrecker”. It’s always the guy who’s “cheated”, and it’s always the girl who’s the home wrecker.

Because in 2017, people still go in for slut shaming.

The latest celeb to be branded as a home wrecker is Emma Roberts, who apparently caused Hayden Christenson and Rachel Bilson to split. I say allegedly, because if anyone “caused” the couple to split it would have been Hayden for messaging Emma while in a relationship in the first place. Does the media comment on that? Nope. Because that’s not a story. Men are dicks all the time, and other men slap them on the back, while women work out all the ways they can “fix” him, change him for the better. But women are malicious, and would rather bring other girls down than admit what’s really going on here: most guys are fuckboys, and we deserve better. 

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It’s no secret that if you’re a celeb, your personal life is gonna be splashed everywhere, and everyone’s gonna want to know who you’re dating, if you broke up, why you broke up, did someone cheat etc. etc. Most relationships really aren’t that complicated, but when you spend your life acting out fiction, chances are your personal life will become fiction as well. Still doesn’t give people the right to spread shitty rumours about who did or did not cheat, but there you go, you get over it. Except maybe we shouldn’t be just accepting it anymore. Maybe we should be outing these rumour spreading snakes for what they are.

I thought 2017’s motto was girls looking after girls after all? 

Emma Robert’s not the first girl to be hit with a “scandal” like this, and she won’t be the last. Hell, she’s not even the first girl in 2017 alone to be hit with something like this. Remember when Anna Faris and Chris Pratt broke up and everyone jumped on Jennifer Lawrence, despite the fact that she was perfectly happy in her own relationship? Or when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie broke up and everyone blamed Marion Cotillard simply because she worked with Pitt on his last movie? I mean, sure, Brad Pitt has a track record, but Cotillard is happily married and was expecting a baby at the time. 

Cheating is always the first thing people turn to when a celeb pairing splits, and it’s always, always the man who’s unwittingly seduced by his saucy co worker. And the women involved? They’re either the boring wife/girlfriend who’s not good enough to keep her man, or they’re the sexy seductress men just can’t help but fall for – even though they’re literally just doing their job. 

When we accept these things as canon, even if it’s just in the celeb world, we can’t help but let them seep into our personal lives, causing destruction in perfectly normal relationships because “if Chris Pratt can cheat then so can every man ever”. We’re stuck in a toxic cycle of insecurity caused by a never ending narrative of the boring woman and a snake, and the golden boy who just couldn’t help himself. 

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