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Security is important, especially when it comes to your personal documents/files. We’ve all been there; your bag goes missing along with your phone and USB full of important documents and folders, all heading off to an unknown destination. So how do you keep documents on your memory stick safe?

iStorage have released a new gadget to solve your security problems. The PIN Activated Ultra Secure USB Flash Drive does what it says on the tin, with a 7-15 digit pin and 8GB of memory. Although the buttons are small and ‘Wear Resistant’, the USB can easily fit in a wallet or on a keyring, meaning you never have a reason to lose confidence in this USB stick.

What makes this item even more of a must-have is it’s compatibility with so many other devices, meaning no matter where you’re documents are, from PC to Mac, you can be sure that they’re secure.

Of course, security takes some time to set up, so give yourself a few minutes to set your pin before you go to print your essay or catch the bus.

If the security of your documents isn’t winning you over, why not security of investment. This PIN Activated Ultra Secure USB Flash Drive has a three year warranty, meaning there are no excuses for not keeping your documents under lock and key.


The datAshur Personal 8gb costs £29 so to find out more, go to 

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