Andrew Barton Moroccan Argan Oil Brush Review

For lovers of soft hair (who isn’t?), the Andrew Barton Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Brush is a hair revelation. By infusing Moroccan Argan oil into the bristles, the hair is left super soft and super smooth.

Andrew Barton, celebrity hair stylist, has won British Hairdresser of The Year and British Hair Icon amongst many industry and consumer awards. His range of hair care products bottle the secrets of beauty salons and his new Argan Oil Hair Brush is no exception.

This hairbrush is infused with Vitamin E and antioxidants to promote healthier, stronger and softer hair growth; the bristles are coated in Argan oil yet are odour-free and don’t feel at all greasy. The shape of the handle also makes the brush easy to grip as it effortlessly glides through the hair.

I suffer from straw-like hair and split ends as I do tend to damage my hair with my constant use of curling tongs and straighteners. Within a week of using the brush, I’ve noticed a definite difference. My hair is shinier, softer and looks healthier, not greasy or oily at all.

Although I worry that the oil won’t last and over time will gradually condition my hair less and less, it does work great as a paddle brush alone. For the price, I don’t think you can go wrong. This brush definitely has surpassed my expectations.

With this product, you can have a good hair day everyday, without the celebrity price tag. It can be found at ASDA for £8 ( 

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Brittany Guymer

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