Budget the right way with Mobile Banking

ID-10046263Starting uni is undoubtedly one of the most exciting life experiences you will ever go through. Meeting new friends, partying, starting lectures, joining sports groups – the list is endless. In between all of this, keeping track of your finances can be hard.

Luckily NatWest’s student account makes managing your money easier.  Combine that with a budget plan using Office 365 and you will be sure to stay ‘out of the red’ …

Budget the right way with Mobile Banking:

Leaving home and learning to manage your own finances is much harder than you may think. We all take for granted that food is in the fridge or toilet paper in the bathroom but when you have to start buying things for yourself budgeting becomes a necessity and priority.


Follow these 3 simple steps and use NatWest banking to keep you on track along the way:

1.       Work out what’s available to spend each month (loans, grants, income from job etc.) and subtract any monthly expenses (food, bills, transport etc.)

Setting up an on-going spreadsheet to manage your accounts is the best way to manage your finances on a monthly basis. With Excel on Office 365 budgeting has never been easier.

If you are a confident user of Excel, set up your own budgeting plan exactly how you want it. For those of you that are less Excel savvy with Excel, Microsoft have some great templates to use specifically for budgeting. Take a look for yourself


2.       Keep tabs as you go (use NatWest as a tool to help)

  • Mobile Banking – managing your money on your phone has never been easier with the NatWest app right at your fingertips. Check your balance, transfer money or find a cash point wherever you are, whatever time it is
  • Online Banking – paperless statements, online support and NatWest’s online security promise means you have peace of mind that your finances are quick and easy to access
  • Overdraft – are your finances already feeling a little tight? With NatWest you can apply for an interest-free overdraft of up to £1,000 in the first year, subject to terms and conditions
  • Emergency Cash – it is not uncommon that at some stage during your university years you will ‘misplace’ your bank card. This is where NatWest comes in … as long as you have at least £25 in your account, NatWest will give you an emergency code to withdraw up to £250 per day – enough to tide you over until your new card arrives.


3.       Put a weekly cap on certain types of spending (nights out, takeaways etc.)

  • Tastecard Membership – once you have budgeted for food, books, bills, transport and any other expense it is unlikely you will have much money left to spend on socialising – NatWest can help.  By registering for Online Banking and paperless statements you receive the Tastecard membership giving you 2 for 1 meals or 50% off your food bill at thousands of restaurants across the UK.

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