Calling all students who want to connect without a contract

All students need broadband, most don’t want to sign-up to a long term contract – so what are your options? All students need broadband, whether it’s for social reasons or studying, it would be unthinkable not to be online. But what are your best options?

There are lots of amazing broadband deals currently available in the UK. For less than it costs to buy a pint of beer (£1.95 with Direct Save) people can enjoy unlimited broadband and free calls, but these deals all have something in common – a long-term contract. To enjoy the discounted prices broadband customers have to sign-up to a minimum 12 month contract, often longer. But what about the people who cannot sign-up to a long-term contract?

There are many instances where people require broadband but simply cannot commit, such as students. For a ‘skint’ student committing to any contract is a problem, as they are often unsure about how much money they will have from one month to the next. So what do they do?

It’s a fact if you do not want a long-term relationships most internet service providers do not fancy you. However, there are still some great deals currently available in the UK contract free. The cheapest is currently supplied by budget telco Direct Save Telecom, which offers a no-commitment 28 day rolling basic package for just £11.95 a month. This deal includes free weekend UK calls, a free wireless router worth £35, free set-up worth £24.95 and line rental at £15.35. There is also an £8.95 postage and packing charge.

So to add it all up, the cheapest a student can get telephone and broadband without signing up to a long-term contract is £36.25 for the first month, then £27.30 thereafter.

Here is a list of the best non-contract broadband deals currently available in the UK:


“Customers who want broadband without a contract are often overlooked by the bigger providers as basically they are not going to make a lot of money on them,” explains Stavros Tsolakis, CEO of Direct Save Telecom.

“However, there are good non-contract deals out there if you shop around, yes you have to pay more than if you were signing-up to a longer-term contract, but you still do not have to break the bank. We have customers from all walks of life who take our non-contract offer, such as students, non-contract workers and travellers. Recently we have seen an upsurge in take-up in Edinburgh as thousands flood there for the Edinburgh Festival. For more information visit ”

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