Can you balance a part time job whilst at university?

Balance - Dmitry BerkutWe all know the student life doesn’t come cheap these days; between the cost of clothes, food and the fact that there’s something going on almost every night, the pennies just won’t stretch that far for us students. So when your bank balance is coming up zero and it comes down to the choice of missing out or getting a job most of us opt for getting a job…after the obvious first choice of seeing how much we can ‘borrow’ from our parents.

Here are five quick tips that every student looking for a part time job needs to remember:

1.      Remember the ‘part’ in part time job

The idea of working a few extra hours for a bit more cash in the bank can often be just too appealing, but you need to always remember that as boring as they may be at times your studies must come first – you’re paying to be at Uni remember guys. Talk to your employer and let them know you only want 15 – 20 hours a week, more often than not they will be happy to accommodate you and this should avoid your attendance or assignments suffering.

2.      Apply for a part time job that could help your career in the long run

See yourself working in fashion, PR, owning your own club or being the next Gordon Ramsey? Apply for part time jobs that can give you skills and knowledge that will help you in your career. Getting your foot in the door at an early stage can really help you gain important skills and knowledge in your chosen field and can give you an early start on your road to success.

3.      Ensure you can spend your spare time wisely

You need to get your time management in order, balancing a job, deadlines, placements and a social life means you need to really be on the ball in order to fit everything in. You’re a full time student not a full time employee, and you don’t want to look back and regret ruining your degree for the sake of a few extra nights out!

4.      All work and no play is no life for a student

Make sure you schedule time to spend with friends and that you are fitting a social life in your busy schedule or you will just end up resenting your job. Ensure you do at least one sociable activity each week, whether it’s a night out with friends, tea and drinks or even just a trip to the cinema – what’s the point in earning money if you can’t spend it?

5.      Put some of your wages aside for a rainy day

You may have to take time off from work for a while for deadlines, placements, holidays or just a trip home now and again. To avoid having to sacrifice this for the worry of looking at an empty bank balance once again put some aside each pay day. You’ll be happy you did when it comes to summer time.

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    Of course you can, I have two jobs! I’m a private tutor on weekday evenings and work weekends in a warehouse where I’m about to go on night shifts Fri/Sat night. You just have to sleep when you can and make sure you get all your work done!

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