Changing season means changing fashion

Changing season means changing fashion.

With the weather turning cooler and summer being pretty much over; (bye bye summer, hello autumn!) that means once again fashion, like the season will be changing. We’ll be saying ‘see ya later!’ to our bikinis and swim shorts and welcoming our jumpers, coats and scarves. Yes I know it’s not winter just yet but it might be a good idea to start stocking up on warmer, winter clothing now whilst the sales are on and before shops start having a ‘supply and demand’ problem.

Now, like most girls, I love shopping. It is fun, therapeutic and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own bed for it. I know, that last point really just makes shopping sound awesome. The only thing is I’m a student and therefore I have a budget. This doesn’t mean I never go shopping it just means I have to be clever and look for the best deals to save money. Now that it is autumn there is one particular type of clothing I will be stocking up on and showing you where you can get the best deals on: jeans.



You’ve got to love a pair of jeans, right? Practical, easy to match with shoes and tops and extremely comfortable. Jeans are a must have for autumn and winter. For me, because I am 5ft10in I have to shop in the ‘tall’ section and not many shops have these, although why many shops don’t have this selection is beyond me because tall people shop too, but anyway don’t get me started on that. I find that have an excellent tall range of jeans and they are at decent prices too. I nearly always purchase my jeans from there and I recently purchased a pair of black ones for £20, pretty good for jeans. I found that they were:

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Easy to put on
  • Easy to wash
  • Easy to iron.

Plus at a reasonable price I couldn’t really ask for more.




Of course Next don’t just cater for the tall they have their ‘regular’ size as they call it, however if you are looking for regular sized jeans at a cheaper price then take a look at h&m. At h&m you can purchase a pair of jeans for as little as £7.99 in all different styles: skinny, boot cut, flare, etc.

The reviews and feedback on these products are incredibly positive and at £7.99 these jeans are ideal for students on a budget for clothing.



Somewhere else that does really good jeans for the tall and regular category and has a student discount is New Look. I found a tall pair of jeans on there for £7.99, again ideal for students on a budget. There is also the 10% student discount with UNIDAYS as well. That’s a winner right there for me. You can also find a pair of jeans in the ‘regular’ category for £7.99 and use the student discount on this as well. Not bad for student deals on jeans.




Don’t think I have forgotten about the petite range either. New look do an excellent petite range and I have found a pair for £7.99, plus the student discount of 10% makes this another ideal buy for anyone on a budget.



So there you have it. My top three picks for where to buy jeans for those who are saving money. Be prepared to welcome autumn in style with these jeans.

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