Christmas Advent Calendars 2016


What’s not to love about food calendars? You know exactly where you stand and they never cost the moon. Whether you’re a £2 Pokeman chocolate lover or fancy something a little fancier – Thorntons and Lindt are good places to try – you won’t break the bank and you’re guaranteed a smile on your face every morning. You can even get one for your pets!


Fancy something a little different? Why not try a lifestyle calendar. From candles to scents, many companies are stepping away from the traditional advent calendars to give you what you want. Why not try one form Yankee or Diptyque Advent Calendars. For a cheaper alternative, try Wax Lyrical for £22.


Beauty calendars are perfect for trialling those minis that fit wonderfully in our handbags. From Benefit to Charlotte Tilbury to NO7, every beauty brand seems to bringing out a beauty calendar this year and they all look great! If you’re not willing to spend this months student flat rent on a calendar this year then MadBeauty is a great dupe at £21.99



For those wanting to be a little warmer, and drunker, this christmas, alcoholic based advent calendars are really kicking off this year! From vodka to gin to beer to wine, there’s plenty of choices to keep your tastebuds tingling.



You don’t always have to spend a lot of money to get into the christmas spirit. It’s easy to forget about Charities at Christmas time but knowing that your money is going to a good cause can really boost your spirit! My personal favourite is this one from Macmillan.


Let us know what type of Advent Calendar you will be buying this Christmas in the comments or on our twitter page.

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